Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Want to buy loads of games but wanna give Mario a proper thrashing first and also I have smash bros coming soon, so annoying :roll_eyes:

Think I have about 50 moons so nearly finished though :smirk:


I have made the purchase and it is downloading on my Switch right now.


Also claims the initial testing by the BOTW team led to Winwaker and Twilight Princess HD :slight_smile:



Standard Nintendo though. Nothing acknowledged until official announcement. Guarantee this is in the works.


Fucking news about nothing. Each outlet gets five click able articles. The rumour, the wish list, the things we’d change, the other ports, the denial.

And so it goes.



I should preface this by saying its been about 5 years since I played an FM game, so much has changed in the game itself since then. And obviously the Switch controls are quite unique.

I set up my first career last night, as Bath City. Mostly let the assistant manager get on with behind the scenes things, made a few loan signings, and made my way to the end of August 2nd in the Conference South, scoring goals from everywhere. I had fun along the way, but am yet to delve into training and tactics too much, apart from choosing Gegenpressing in homage to David Wagner (Huddersfield turned down a friendly with me though the miserable sods)

Couple of issues I’ve found, which may iron out with more familiarity, is that I was finding it far too easy to accidentally sub on/off a player one above/below the one I meant to. Also, when I press Zl to get the big menu thing up on the left, I can’t seem to go into subcategories (ie Scouting -> Scouting players) without first going into scouting, then back to the previous screen and loading it up again. Reckon I just need to work that out.

As long as ol Brunty keeps banging them in up front though, all is gravy!


That phrase ‘at this time’


On your first point, is this during a match? Are you making subs via the Tactics Overview or from the Quick Sub menu?

The second point is something we’re aware of, and I agree it’s counter-intuitive and irritating. In FM18 for Switch I think we struggled to get the subcategories to load without the user actually clicking on the main tab, so this has been left over from that unfortunately. The best way to navigate the ZL menu currently is via the d-pad. Using the d-pad you can get to the subcategories without having to go into a screen and then bring up the ZL menu again. Not ideal, but it’s something I hope will be looked at for the next update.


Haven’t played a lot, but Pokemon is really solid so far. Not sure I’d go as far as to call it an essential purchase – that basically hinges on how much playing a faithful recreation of the original games appeals to you. Can easily see why that wouldn’t appeal at full price.

Wouldn’t say the difficulty is wildly different to the originals and the Pokemon catching mechanism is actually probably better (was a complete pain in the arse to have to fight every random Pokemon you come across, without any idea if it was the one you were trying to catch, in hindsight). It’s charming and very playable, capturing the magic of Pokemon Yellow, but far less clunky to play. It’s basically, for better or worse, the Pokemon game I imagined them making in the N64/Gamecube era. Which also raises the question of why they didn’t just make one of these games before but hey.

Hoping that the low stakes take is basically so they can sell a shit load of this and then take a few major risks with the first proper console Pokemon.


wish there was something good out on the switch :frowning:


I’m really loving it to the extent where I hope they do an equivalent for all the versions I didn’t play as a kid.


Smash is literally out next week


gonna be like £60 or something though :frowning:


I really want to play the game boy game bugs bunny crazy castle. Can I do this on switch?


no you can not


Am I going to be able to walk into game and buy smash next week, or will I need to pre order?

I want to trade in tennis aces at the same time to save ££££



Yep, during a match, and I think it must be Quick Sub menu (has a list of players currently on the pitch on the left, and the ones on the bench on the right). Do subs by picking the one on the right, then dragging to the left, but it seems if I don’t line it up absolutely perfectly, it can pick the wrong player to sub off. Which is obviously correctable before you go back to the game, but still a bit annoying. First spotted it in a pre season friendly, where I didn’t spot the mistake before restarting, and first learnt of it when my sub goalie was scoring with a lovely turn and finish from the edge of the box.

Thanks for the tip on the second point, will try that out this eve, hadn’t considered trying the D pad.