Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


it’s my fault for playing warframe


If you have a Switch from the first year or so and aren’t averse to emulators.


If you’re going to get it anyway be as well to preorder and pick up at Smyths if theres one local to you. Saves a fiver and you get a steelbook case too.


Not liking it?


looks great on the portable and runs well, the trimmings are nice, lots of upgrades etc but I feel the core experience is really soulless. Enemy AI is really stupid and there’s only the same 3 or 4 enemies on every mission. Was playing it out of compulsion for a while then realised I wasn’t particularly enjoying it just waiting to get a better weapon/mod all the time. It’s a 6/10 for me really.

It’s free to can’t complain too much but sadly time isn’t


I think it’s really good for playing while listening to podcasts or theres something on telly thats decent but doesnt need full attention. Story missions are good too of course rather than random ones.
Theres a few games on my want list but Warframe and stuff I already have will easily tide me over until Smash is out.
Seems to be a lot of games getting good reductions at the minute too.


I don’t think we have one of them in Brighton, and I think I’ll save a fiver or so trading in tennis aces instead of just selling it to them


I actually cleared out parents loft recently and found the original GB cart and about 4 game boys to play it on, just wanna have it on switch for the overkill :blush:


You should give Horizon Chase Turbo a look Bam.


are any of the knock-off controllers any good or do I have to spend north of £50 for the pro controller??

50 quid!





for smash and fps??

this thing can’t be as good as it seems? must be input lag or something… I have an xbox one controller though…


8bitdo make great products and it has good reviews


Needs batteries though.


i’ve got this. it is as good as it seems (with the ps4 controller)


Pikemon tried so hard to stop me frim warframe but warframe is one addictive mistress. Like pokemon a lot mire than i thought i would btw


Who off the ones that got the Eevee version wants to trade all the Eevee unique first forms for the Pikachu unique equivalents?


Wait a second… does pokemon lets go not have autosave!!! Did i really just end up back in verulian city after being right next to pokemon towet because i played Warframe without saving. Did i seriously lose days worth of progress :face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::expressionless::no_mouth::scream::tired_face:


Yes! But I barely have any yet.