Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


I really enjoyed it on Switch after an intial steep learning curve IMO


Awk no as long as your having fun that’s the main thing.


Look I really appreciate your comments! This is lkke the only place online I can go to chat about games and youse are alwlkost always without judgement, so yeah cheers.


Its okay though we can be real gamers together!!!


I know I jest about you asking questions but it’s all good natured. Like profk and his no Mario karting :laughing:
I’m not interested in being a dickhead in real life or online so I like to treat everyone well.
Plus I love Nintendo and if people are having fun and are happy then I’m happy. Plus I do help folks if I can.


Also did sheelz seriously suggest my clan doji was empty? I’ll have you know i have a fully functioning powet station in there (powering nothing)


I think that dojo is about as popular as a profk Mario kart lobby :rofl:

Serious question: what’s the dojo even for?


U can build things to research weapons, mods and tech which can be shared across all clan members


it’s quite a simple game in terms of gameplay it’s literally just shoot everything each mission, I guess the complexity and replay comes in with tweaking your loadout all the time but it just seems like a lot of item management for not much game to me.

I did kind of enjoy it for 10 hours or so but realised it was becoming increasingly mindless. Most of the time it’s better to rush to the exit rather than kill anything so you can get back into a new mission and do that quicker so you have to kill less stuff etc.


Sounds very promising “lag free”


yeah, I bet you there will be some lag. not noticeable on most games, but you’ll notice it on smash.

depends how many frames, for me.


Anyone else tried the Forgotton Anne demo?
Pretty lovely game and definitely seems very Ghibli-esque.
Going on the watch list and maybe pick it up posr Smash fever.


Lag free is literally impossible.question is can you keep it to only a frame or two.


A frame ot 2 won’t make a huge difference when his characters soaring offscreen to be fair.


i look forward to bathing in your blood


In Smash Bros right?


I know I’m late to the party on this, but just finished Golf Story last night. What an utterly joyous game. The end sequence where the camera pans out to show the whole island and everyone you’ve met really got to me.

Also bought Rocket League, and it is not for me. Anything good I do in it feels like pure luck.

Football Manager and Smash over Christmas will be good.


I agree with every part of this.
Never got on with Rocket League.


Decided to pick this up on the eshop when I got in last night.

Pretty excited to see how it is, hope it doesn’t get in the way of Smash.


Lol just realised last night it’s a touchscreen