Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Deals in the last week or so have suddenly gone mad. Nintendo must have dropped the trade price or something.


I’m really loving Mario & Rabbids. It’s definitely scratching my Steamworld Heist itch. I’m perfecting the hell* out of every level I come across, oh yeah!
(*some levels requiring a few goes, but that just adds to the fun)


think I only got 2 or 3 emeralds on Mania, gave up trying to get more for similar reasons. shame really, pretty much 100% completed the game otherwise



Is Steamworld Heist worth picking up? I’ve seen it a few times and thought it would be a nice alternative to XCOM


It’s definitely worth it! It’s one of the games I’ve enjoyed the most on Switch, and even played through it twice, which is quite rare for me.
It’s sometimes on sale in the e-shop, in case you want to hold out for that, but would still be well worth it for the normal price.


I’ll definitely get that then. It was in the Cyber Monday sale in the US, but I didn’t realise their sales are quite short and missed out.


@Bamnan celeste is on sale


Also so is diablo 3


If you recently received a weird friend request, that is I :blush:


On the eshop? Still showing £18 for me


We expecting Metroid Prime 4 trailer at Game Awards tonight then?


Fucking hate the lunch lava world on odyssey


Looks ugly, shit lava, crap platforming, fuck off. I was enjoying the game SO MUCH until that as well


Maybe a trailer and late 2019 as a release window.
Talk of Metroid Prime Trilogy for February.


i also disliked that one despite it being one of the most popular worlds.


Worst world by some distance IMHO.


If it wasn’t so headache inducingly bright and colourful, and so bloody abstract, I’d like it. Make it an actual realistic giant kitchen with interactive utensils, soup to swim in etc… and shit, it would be a cracking level


Indie try hards with your dislike of the Lunch Kingdom :wink:


So I remember reading a lot that the fun really begins in odyssey when you beat it. I’ve finally got round to beating bowser and watching the credits. What next? The mushroom kingdom is in a flap cos peach is missing AGAIN but I’m not quite sure what to do next to find the fun. I have such a limited amount of gaming time at the moment I’m reluctant to just pootle about… Any tips for getting to the meat of the post credits stuff quickly?