Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread



Horizon Chase Turbo. This is great fun.
Dark souls. Stuck on two certain boss TWATS.
Picross. 1/4 to do.
Warframe. Barely scratched it.
Splatoon 2 OctoExpansion. See above.
Mk8. Ditto.
Snipperclips. Need a willing second player.
Sexy Brutale. Not sure about this…
Dead cells. Need to revisit when in the mood.
Mario Odyssey. About 50 moons to go. But they’re all hard or irritating.
Thumper. Bailed just as it clicked stupidly.

Not touched:

Hollow Knight
Shovel Knight: Plague Knight
Drawful 2


Going to be getting this with eshop credit


Notice how I’ve erased warframe


Mate you need to start only buying one when you beat one :laughing:


Just added a whole buncha youse ahead of smash bros coming online, in case you get a request from a stranger (jekc)


I know… A bunch were on sale and under £10 so I got them for a rainy day. Used to never buy a new game until I beat the last one until about a year ago, as I couldn’t cope jumping between epic games with different control schemes.

Then Switch changed that and I’m ok with it now.

I think I’m going to buy Firewatch and Gris this month too. And I’m hovering over buying Smash. I think I have a problem.


Ooh might buy picross too


I love it


NO! thats the mentality of a loser


Winning games makes me a loser. Surely losing at games… ah whatever :man_shrugging::grinning:


Heya marvel where u been all my life


Marvel ultimate aliance 3 is a switch exclusive… kinamda nutty


CTR for Switch :heart_eyes:


Some good deal in the States. Worth setting up another account and buying it from there.


Everybody should buy Yoku’s Island Express.


Anyone played Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes?

Thinking about picking up for over Christmas. Just in case there have not been enough arguments.


Its great. Get a ring binder and print one manuel and let the chaos begin


Thanks, just what I wanted to hear. My girlfriends mum is super competitive, so I think it should be good.


I’ve never heard of the original games in this series but Dan the trailer looks legit.


£16 for one of the best games of all time! What a bargain.