Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Ah man, is that out today too?!?!? Guacamelee 2, Phantasy Star and Everspace are next week.

Looked at the eshop last night. Quite a busy month when ARK Evolved, Gear Club Unlimited 2, Abzu and Sega Collection all come out and barely get mentioned or scratch the top 30 titles.

Talking of which, I wonder how Dark Souls faired on Switch? Never see it on that page…


It is overwhelming the number of games now. So many.


Ark looks awful on switch, avoid


The sega collection will be in top 3 soon enough, it only came out this morning


damn I bought Smash why can’t I be arsed to play it?


Oh did it, I thought it was last week. Apologies. And yeah, ARK does look shite. But it’s still a big deal as AAA ports go and it’s vanished down the back of the sofa without fanfare.


Pokemon - In Process
Zelda - DLC still to do
Hollow Knight - probably about 5 hours through but all seems a bit of a chore
Golf story - Bit like gameboy Pokemon with golf instead of Pokemon. Can’t see myself investing the time but give it ten minutes every now and then
Oxenfree - Played the intro twice. Meh.
Mario Rabbids - Would have to be pretty bored to play this through. 3 hours in
SteamWorld Dig - Bought this intending to buy Dig 2, won’t see it through
Snipperclips - Play the same first few levels when I want to show someone the system
Sonic Mania - Great game. Think I got stuck on oil ocean, need to go back to
Thumper - Alright for an hour or two. Gets repetitive


I think I’m quite glad I held out. But I’m hoping you lot have an enormous amount of fun with it.

I’ve seen a few videos that have properly made it look gorgeous, And very funny, if you play as Snake. I’m hoping someone at work buys it so we can do some 8 player Smash at lunchtime…


I asked for it for Christmas so even if I have got it I won’t play it for a few weeks. I put down Pokemon on the list as well, so will have to see I guess.

For me it is the single player I’m most excited about.


I think it’s just the overwhelming amount of content is making me nervous. I don’t know what to play first!


It’s a ludicrous amount of content and it seems to have had a huge amount of care and attention go into it.


just started the world of light, tonnes of little tiny snack battles, clearly well designed for portable play


How do I find out if Smash is for me without paying quite so much moneyz pls?


do you like fun?


Ahm oot


Is this a good price for labo? Anyone got it?
€47, about 40quid ex delivery I guess

Nintendo Labo: Multi-Set [Nintendo Switch]


It’s in German m8. Your cardboard motorcycle will be on the wrong side of the road etc


currently I’m very much enjoying the spectacle and the polish, depth and charm of the game but I’m still not sure I actually like the fighting all that much. Personally I’m ok with that because the package is so loving and nostalgia etc. Might bug other people more though


I knew my German degree would be useful one day!


I like fun but I’ve never really played a fighting game!