Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Give me more!!!


last few posts make me really want to get Picross when it’s on sale


Hha I blame the fact it was 1am that I could get the red stuff marked off. But thanks! I got bogged down in the numbers in the middle of the board.

I really enjoy it. I struggle with the ones that are like 8 4 and doing the arithmetic to find the common squares that will always be Blue.


It is only £8.


make sure you fill in all the x for locations you can’t have like on any lines you’ve completed. You’d be surprised how much brain space that frees up for checking possible solutions


ah whoops, sorry @paulo13




Noticed that a cheeky little sub-£5 follow up to Subsurface Circular appeared on the eshop last night. I’ll be downloading that then in 5…


Is Subsurface Circular any good then? I can see that’s got a discount on it now.


I really enjoyed it for what it is. A cerebral, well written text adventure with a surprisingly strong atmosphere and plot. Incredjbly linear and short but well worth £5.


cool, I might check it out. I quite like some straight-forward linear stuff now!


On chapter 7 of Celeste. Finding it’s really nice to pick up, play a few screens, then put back down before I get too frustrated. :slight_smile:


sold Mario Kart and Zelda today, slight tinge of sadness there tbh



I often feel like I’ll go back to games one day but rarely do. And they’ll both be £20 on the Classics Collection series in 18 months if you fancy going back in.


Seeing afew GOTYear lists coming out and have realised that I’ve only bought a single first party Nintendo game this year, Nintendo Labo (and the Splatoon 2 DLC I guess).

Smash. Kirby. Mario Tennis. Pokémon let’s go. Octopath Traveller. Xenoblade 2 DLC. All passed me by…

Nor the rereleases of:

Hyrule Warriors. DKC:TFreeze. Captain Toad.

Do intend to get Mario Party though for Christmas.


Square Enix m9.


Yeah I knew they were involved, but I thought it was a joint venture for some reason? Maybe it was just an Exclusive…


Aye system exclusive.
Made entirely by Squeenix though.

P. S. Your Nindies points are in the post :wink:


Haha, just very unlike me. Usually buy any old thing from Nintendo.

Next year looks totally different though with Metroid Prime, Yoshi, Bayonetta 3 and Animal Crossing.


yeah this was my reasoning, I was checking through my old 360 games…halo reach, that was a good game surely worth a few quid…nope 10p.