Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


You mean the dog controller?


What a game. Tempting me to go back to it - I haven’t really started the DLC.

@Bamnan - you sold me on Hollow Knight. Bought.


You lucky jammer! Don’t think you ripped him off as such but he could have very easily sold it for more


Yeah, he could have got more on eBay or Gumtree but it’s the webuyanycar model - I’ll do it right now, no hassle.


I’m sure you’ve done this poll a million times over but I want to know if I’m one of the cool kids or if you’re all with hyggers.


  • Basic white
  • Basic black

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You what?




Ooh didn’t know that was an option.

Not that I’m a darkmode wanker.


Either way, we’re all basic.


13 hours in to Let’s Go and really enjoying it, but my word is Eevee overpowered. Have been one-shotting the vast majority of battles. Should I just move them to 6th place in my party and do the business with Charizard/Blastoise/Venosaur instead?

The capture mechanic isn’t great but getting an excellent throw, first throw, size bonus catch combo multiplier is incredibly satisfying. The creatures being visible in the overworld is a game changer too and should be applied in all future versions.

Having a second pokemon follow you around is great fun. A lot of effort went in to the different animations which is really satisfying. Kangaskhan walking around with Eevee in the pouch and you on the shoulder is my favourite so far.




Basic black looks cheap to me for some reason. White looks cleaner. Never been a dark mode wanker though on any app


Eevee should absolutely be benched in 6th immediately at the start of the game and not brought out until your other Pokemon start to level past it


Sod that. My little Eevee is king of Kanto and will remain so forever!

Image result for king eevee


This looks cool…


Don’t get this if it’s true

Has got ‘shit sales and therefore there is no audience for adult AAA games on Switch’ statement written all over it. Why port games few people want?


So they can justify not porting the games people do want, obviously :wink:

(I guess they’re only doing it because it’s not much extra work when they’re already working on it for PS4/XBox collections?)


Because it came out on wii u so probs easy to port


Never played this, what issues were there with it, beyond that is was very buggy on release?

Am quite up for it as I enjoy that period of history.


Nothing really other than it wasn’t well loved. The original was fresh and different, 2 had a great story and wonderful Italian setting and then 4 had humour, boats and pirates. 3 is the one everyone just feels is perfectly… fine?