Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Just done the first shrine in BOTW. It’s all very lovely isn’t it? Kind of don’t want to fight little monsters, just wander around and climb shit.


Don’t worry you’ll soon get smashed in by a big monster and then want to lay waste to all before you.


Finally finished RDR2 last night so will be giving BotW my full attention. Flying to Budapest next week so will get some sweet flight time for a good sesh.

Done the first 5 shrines or so, got the paraglider. It’s such a lovely world, I know I shouldn’t compare it to RDR2 but there seems to be far more going on in between villages. Enjoying the absence of handholding too.


I loved Moonlighter myself, it looks great but I feel like it doesn’t have the depth of the other two. It’s certainly worth a pick up at some point though.


I can only play a bit every night, only done the first shrine and pottered about a bit (Plant Collector Simulator 2019). Was strolling in a glade yesterday when some massive fuck off rock monster appeared and started lobbing boulders at me! Was properly excited when I realised I could climb up the big lump and see him off. Literally broke all my weapons though, ended up twatting him with a tree branch like Basil Fawlty. Hell of a game.


I started lofting bombs at that prick and it had no effect so I ran away and made a mental note to come back and fuck that prick up later in the game.


You know you can make actual notes on the map?


I do indeed, you’re like my very own, real life Old Man zeal.


Both Lightseekers and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Champions are coming to Switch, then (they’re the same penoid card game, except one is Warhammer themed).

I personally don’t really rate them but I was wondering when a digital card game was going to make it onto the platform, they’re quite a good fit for it.

Come to think on it, I wonder why Hearthstone isn’t on it.


yeah, really weird this


Especially with Diablo 3 on there now. It’s not like Blizzard are ignoring its existence.

If WoW ever comes out on Switch then my life is literally over.



Kinda surprised Overwatch isn’t on it? Seems like a good fit, probably missing something.


It is, they just called it “Paladins” for some reason.


Just ordered Civ VI. Fuck it.


I’ve just glanced at a few screenshots of Wargroove and now I’m scared to look into it any more because it looks like something I very much would buy


I had 15 pounds in gold coins so pre ordered it as it seems like a good value


Paladins is fine but nearly the refined experiance Overwatch is.

Re your point of it not being on the system i can imagine them being reluctant to release a version sub 60fps


From what I understand hearthstone was basically originally coded by some work experience kids for a laugh and is one big horrrrrible mess behind the bonnet.

Similar to rdr1, I imagine even though its relatively simple, it’d be a nightmare to port.

Also it’d have to be cross platform with mobile and pc, I know rocket league does this but not sure how common it is on switch?


Why would porting it to switch be any harder than porting it to mobile though? Isn’t it a massive money machine too, you’d have to think they’re working on it


I expect it’s something to do with only being able to purchase gold and expansions etc when the player is connected WiFi. Probably doesn’t fit blizzard’s most cherished usecase (mobile). I think they only released desktop and tablet versions at launch to build the player base, with the intention that they’d move to mobile eventually - which is certainly true for me