Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


It was originally designed for mobile.

Its built in Unity (which means nothing to me tbh) no idea if that hinders anything for the switch.

Also I’d guess as Prof says the monetisation would cause issues between Nintendo and blizzard.


Didn’t know this, makes a lot of sense

It shouldn’t at all, Unity fully supports Switch

Yeah true that, but isn’t there already microtransactions going on in like Fortnite and Fifa and stuff?


Also the absolute obvious reason why it isn’t on switch yet is because Nintendo and blizzard are two of the most glacial-paced organisms in the known universe.


Nintendo aren’t in terms of hardware and gameplay innovation, but are massively protective and opaque about its IP and business model. Suspect there’s little desire from blizzard to build a port for an ‘offline’ device and a lot of pushback from Nintendo over royalties and in game purchases


Would be good if the Lich King and Thrall were in smash bros though eh



From what I read (don’t quote me on this) Blizzard don’t seem to be too bov about getting it to Switch.


Football Manager 2019 (now on Nintendo Switch) appears to be on sale.


It went on sale in November m9. @bergkamp told us all at the time!


Ah I just noticed it in the deals this morning.
Thought it was in reaction to newly released ‘rival’ New Star Football Manager - which looks shit :grin:
Ah well carry on…


Antapocalypses Football Manager 19 is a game made by antapocalypse and bergkamp, also famous for games such as bubsy 3d and the guy game


Alright, I have preordered this. To be played for an hour and then discarded in favour of Dead Cells.


I already bought FM19 and sunk 80 hours into it FOR FUCKS SAKE

I’m currently managing Wolves and doing very well and Spain just approached me to manage them too. This is after season upon season of being total shit at the game, so I’m pretty chuffed.


And the sterling job they did on the Philips CD-i Zelda games :wink:


That’s on Switch now? Played it on mobile a bit last year. It’s got some reasonable foundations for a mobile, but was fundamentally broken by the fact it went for a Free To Play model. Doesn’t really have the depth that I’d expect from a Switch game.


Its £6 or something
I bet it isn’t a patch on Ant & Bergs Saturday Night Takeaway FM19 for Switch (Out Now and on sale) :grinning:


At last a decent football manager sim!


Bit of rivalry makes both strive to improve.
Its like FIFA v PES but with spreadsheets :slight_smile:


Some decent sales figures from Nintendo today.
32.27 million Switch consoles sold
163.61 million games sold.
12 million copies of Smash Bros sold in one month.


That’s a decent attach rate for a console that’s not reached it’s second birthday yet.