Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Not sure if it factors in digital sales etc but its doing pretty damn good.
It lends itself so well to playing away while the telly is on etc that Ive definitely been playing more games since I was a youngster.


Its faster than the ps4


Understandable. There’s only one version of COD and FIFA each year, so by now the typical gamer would only have 4 games on the PS4.

huge safety wink


Should I buy

  • Wargroove
  • Civ VI
  • Neither, wait till they’re on offer
  • whynotboth.wma

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I can report that Civ VI has been ported really well to the Switch. They’ve made really sensible decisions in terms of interface and controls.

And it runs smoothly.


Well, I think we’ve helped @Epimer out. Good job team!



I’ll mostly be playing Dark Souls 3 for the foreseeable tbf so I’m wasting everyone else’s time too.


If ur on the fence then wargroove because its so much cheaper! But if its an option then get both?


Stop pushing back the games I want!

Bayonetta 3 TBA. TBA?!?!??!

But at least it looks like Fire Emblem and Pokemon are on track for sooner than we thought.


Wait, I thought Pokemon was always 2019 though?


It was allegedly, I just fully expected it to slip with the other games they had to get out and given we’ve seen not so much as a screenshot yet. The fact they’ve confirmed it as Late 2019 rather than a mere 2019 tends to be a good thing in these meetings.

Gutted that mech game is a vague 2019 still. Was supposed to be out this month I thought.

I do have 14 unplayed games on my Switch though, so…


I know I’m two years behind on this, but was playing BOTW last night, am taking it really slowly just enjoying the vibes, was up on a cliffside somewhere having a wander and found some bobolink things, it was night time and I saw them off, was in this valley with a wind blowing through, and something just felt really lonesome and vast about it, like I was the only person in this world, when I saw a fire burning on a distant mountain, and I just thought, fuck, there’s this whole world out there, then the sun came up and the light and clouds were just beautiful and I just stood there a while soaking it all in.




Don’t listen to him @hip_young_gunslinger, your post is sweet and true like your heart.




Hmmmm…thinks about popping down to Cex and starting a new playthrough tonight


YES! I really like Darksiders.


Let’s not get too disheartened - this time last year Smash and Pokemon LFP/E weren’t even things! Nintendo knows what it is doing.


I often doubt this, and I’m one of their biggest fans around these parts!


It’s fine, there are loads of things bubbling away that are intriguing such as rumours the port teams behind a lot of third party titles are beefing up their teams due to demand, EA adapting Frostbite to work on Switch, SNES games, Sega Ages series, Devolver and other indies with a constant pipeline of cool shit (though it is concerning that Matt Baker left Nintendo this week to join Xbox) etc.

I bought a Wii and Wii U and those consoles both had stellar initial games and final years, with next to nothing in years 2-3. I am sure there will be lots to enjoy this year taken in totality but I had just hoped that with the 3DS and Console teams now all working together, this year may have started with a bit more of a bang. I guess most people are still playing Smash so they probably want to give it some breathing room. Smash has sold CRAZY numbers*…

*12.08 million copies up to the end of December, so doesn’t include January’s sales