Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


That’s a huge deal if it becomes reality. I assumed they’d be happy with carrying on their parallel development of FIFA each year and be done with porting anything else on that engine rather than putting in the grind to add Switch support to Frostbite.


Fist game is a grea zelda like



All I can think is with the Battlefront games flopping a bit and Battlefield V sinking without trace, the expense of developing AAA games on machines looking to move onto the next thing may not be sound business sense. And given Switch is now selling at a faster rate than PS4 was at this point, they’re probably thinking they HAVE to cover off that fanbase.

Or put another way, EA are doing what EA do best and are chasing volume of people and money.


It’s out on my birthday, too.

Thanks, THQ.



Never thank those fuckers, never!


What did they do to hurt you? Do you need me to beat someone up/off for you?


Joined the Switch party this week! I’ve picked up Link BOTW, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. What other essential Switch games should I be looking at picking up?


Downloaded wandersong, not played it yet.

Strugging with rabbidz tbh, every character is so mobile that its impossible to really play that stategically in the way I’d set up for x com.

Maybe I just need to get used to it but there doesn’t ever seem any benefit in being any way cautious or attempting to find cover, just run all your squad towards the enemy and blast them as quick as possible.


Yeah, it was never confirmed. And since I’m expecting a decent step up from Let’s Go/Sun & Moon, I was very much worrying it would hit some production issues or get delayed.

On the other hand, maybe it means it’ll just be like Sun & Moon with Let’s Go graphics + (proper shadowing, a moveable camera etc.) and that’s why they can churn it.




They made me redundant with a pregnant wife!


Dead Cells, Marwood!


I’ll be honest with you, I’m struggling to make a joke out of this one.


They didn’t know she was pregnant and the went bust a couple of months later (and those fellas didn’t get a payout) leaving only THQ Nordic but I fucking hated it there anyway.


Cautious… No. Cover, yes.

It does need a different playstile to xcom for sure.


Mario Odyssey is the most obvious one.


Prepare to have your balls charmed off


What kind of games do you like?
Mario Odyssey is the big one absent from your list there.


Is the Bomber an game any good? I really want there to be a good bomberman game again.


Generally I like Action/RPGs (I’m going to pick up the Darksouls remaster at some point but I’m currently playing that on my PS4) however I think I will probably be playing on my Switch on my commute more than when I’m at home so I’m thinking I am going to get the most enjoyment out of games you can drop in and out of rather than for massive gaming sessions. The last Mario game I played was Mario Sunshine so will definitely pick up Odyssey at some point.