Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


In RPGs I really enjoyed both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Octopath Traveler. There’s a demo for OT on the eshop if you fancy giving it a bash - its traditional with modern touches. XC2 is the more modern of the two but the battle system is odd.


Wargroove that’s out this week could be good for you then, and there’s Skyrim if you’re one of the 5 people left on the planet who haven’t caned that (I’m one of those 5).

XC2 and Octopath are the standouts as mentioned. There is Tales of Vesperia and Valkyria Chronicles too.

Dark Souls is great on Switch. Struggle to think of many 3rd person action games of it’s ilk on the system sadly, and I think there’s a HUGE gap for that. Maybe Resident Evil Revelations or the Onimusha / Okami rereleases could be good?

The only other action titles I’d heartily recommend would be the Bayonetta games. They are both superb and scratch a lot of the same itches Dark Souls does, but with more flair, fun and humour.

for more drop in and out games, go indies and try Dead Cells, Celeste, Inside, Steamworld Dig 2, Picross, etc.


Not really, might be worth it at £15, I had it on launch and even then without much of a library I rarely played it


If you ask me (and I’m aware that no-one did), bomberman peaked with the 93 and 94 releases.


Cant wait to get home from work so i can play me some wargroove

Work sent a 4 by 4 to pick me up :frowning: snow day denied


Dr Mario mobile version has me intrigued. If it isn’t littered with demands for cash, could be the perfect phone game.


Just squeezed our a quick 15 minutes. I think I might like it!


You sure u didnt open dead cells by accident?


It did seem quite familiar


I can’t decide if I want to pick up Wargroove or Disgaea 5. The later has loads and loads of hours in it but is a tenner more pricey.


Have got to Kakariko Village in BotW and I don’t think I ever want to leave. Just wanna round up cuccos for ever more and chat to Paya.


Sounds like you are at a similar point in the game as me (I arrive there yesterday but I somewhat hampered my cucco round up by taking a few of them up the hill to throw off a cliff before realizing I should be rounding them up).


There’s a demo on the eshop. I found its aesthetic and characters unbearable.


I found out the hard way that you can use them as a paraglider and float straight down into the coop.


I want to get wargroove but I shouldn’t. Can someone tell me it’s not very good please


playing hollow knight again aren’t I.


best game made in the 21st century!


It’s fucking awful and I’ve done a couple of missions and in no way am I looking forward to playing some more when I get the chance.


cheers mate!


whispers Its pretty great isnt it