Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


ooops bought it


Balonz wasnt very convincing was he?


I’m just a sucker for cute little army games


And ur already playing. U folded fassst


I am super shit at this. Never really played one of these. Died twice on mission 3.


Don’t worry, done it now.


thought I was doing alright…on mission 1! Took ages to beat mission 2 and only got 1 star boo


Wai lt. Now that leaders are binned are we stuck with this wargroove thread title?


Think I’m going to go and get a Switch tomorrow - are there any good bundles that anyone’s seen? I kind of want it tomorrow, so I don’t want to get something delivered.

Also - how quickly will I need an SD card?




295 hours?!?


Holy shit wargroove is hard, at least the difficulty spike on mission 4 is brutal, but love the civ chess dynamic


Downwell is on the switch for 2.69, fantastic lil game


You’ll be grand for an sd card for a while unless you’re keen on getting a few big games on eshop. Should be able to get a 128gb card for 15 quid or so. Smyths tend to have good bundles. Game will probably take the eye out of your head.


Tesco have good deals

Or 289 for console and game.


That’s pretty good! I’d seen curry’s have 299 for the console & MK8, easier for me to get to than Tesco so for the sake of a tenner might do that


Aye still decent. Basically getting a free game compared to when it launched. When you get it remember to add us all as buddies from the spreadsheet up top THERE if you fancy.
Get a few online games on the go.
Oh reminds me you can get a free wee of the online service. 17 for the year.


Excellent, will do all that!


Getting used to it but ive just seen how robust the difficulty settings are so you can eadipy balance the game to meet ur needs


Fuck you’re not doing a good job convincing me not to get this game