Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


it’s very cute!


Loved Hollow Knight initially but then found it kind of boring and repetitive, not even that hard just a bit dull, with lots of going over the same ground. All the areas and atmosphere after 15 hours or so just felt the same too. Is rewarding when you nail something tricky, but idk I must be missing something


Im gunna fuck shit up with my pup general


Surprisingly I just made it through mission 4 on the first attempt.


Its a tough game but I feel like I learn from every defeat. If I lose and have enough time I’ll try again right away or put it down and come back in a few hours and come with a fresh head and its amazing how much more considered I’ve become with moving untis, using untis as fodder and coming up with strats already.

The thing about the game is every fight is on a knives edge and you can turning things around or throw things at a moments notice but the reason it succedes with such a fine balance is because it never feels unfair


Fully paid up member of the Switch club now :raised_hands:

Got MK8 with it, Zelda on the way tomorrow, and downloaded Stardew Valley for some relaxing farming. Which picross game is it you’re all into?


Picross S and Picross S2


I’ve been finding myself going back to Picross S2 before I start a new game, and I’m just going through and trying to get all of the MegaPicross levels completed in sub-10 minute times. I’ve done most of them other than the last batch, which might end up being a bit impossible. But it’s a nice relaxing challenge for the brain.


I don’t get mega picross


I prefer it to normal picross, although it is a bit tricky to switch over/learn it. It took a while for me to quite grasp it properly when I started (and then for a while after, until I understood it better), but it’s almost second nature now.


I don’t get normal Picross. Watched some youtube and don’t even understand what you’re supposed to do


The game does a very good job of explaining it.


you need to fill in the number of coloured squares in each row as listed on the side, so if a line says 6 3 next to it for example, then you knwo you need to fill in the first 6 squares, leave a space and fill in 3 as that would add up to all 10. The numbers are always left to right like that and the solid block of 6 will always be before the solid block of 3. So if it says 2, 2, 4 you would fill in 2, leave a gap of 1, fill in 2, leave a gap of 1, fill in 4 as that would add up to ten. It’s not always this simple but that’s the rule in principle…always find the easiest one to add to 10 first and then work out the rest based on that.

mmm I love picross!


We’re not talking about Zelda pal.


I thought I had Resi 2 as a lock for GOTY but Wargroove is stellar isn’t it? Its better than any advance wars I’ve plated


had a quick look at the campaign/map editor yesterday too, seems pretty versatile and easy to get to grips with, seems like there will be enough good content here to last for years.


Oh man Picross is really good


It feels like people playing Picross is a right of passage for disers entering the Switch platform. I really hope they release 3D Picross one day, that game is incredible


I think… I… Want… To play fortnite!?!

I played one game on pc months ago and it was fun but I didn’t get all the crafting stuff.

If… If you could play Co op I think I’d be up for it. Can you play Co op? Do you want to try Co op with me?

If I hate it I will not give it more than 15 mins, but some of the best gaming I’ve had has been playing Battlefield games with a full squad, so if it can be anything like that it’s worth a try.


Haven’t played in ages but yea there’s 2 player coop and squad too.
I’d be up for a game or two tomorrow maybe.