Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Does it have proper voice chat too?


Aye if you have a headset you can just plug it into your switch I think.
I don’t and usually play solo.
Takes a few matches to get your head round it I found. Lots of people must play it exclusively as they are unnaturally good. Make sure you’re only playing other switch players as pc players make it zero fun.


There is a 50 v 50 mode as well if thats ur bag. The game is really fun with voice chat, I fell off it hard but that was more me just never quite 100% gelling with the genre but I recommend trying it… it is free after all and the business model isnt very scummy


Yeah sure it is a good game but think the only way I’d get into it would be with people to play with. No way I’m going in solo.


Watched another video of Esrgrooves, and it does seem like it’ll be something I’ll enjoy. Although I’ll continue and wait until it’s on discount.

(Speaking of discounts, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is on sale at the moment. It’s an especially great game if you have someone else to play it with)

I’m currently playing through a quirky little puzzle platformer game called Membrane. Not the prettiest of games, but a nice challenge.

And I think I’ll finally be buying Bad North. I’d been waiting for it to go sale, which it has done now, but only for 10%. They’ve also got a demo for it now which I’ve just played through. It feels really nice and fluid and has a great style to it that appeals.


I don’t mind that, I’m attracted by the billion hours of gameplay but put off by the fact that it might be samey.

I’m playing through the demo now.


No worries dood!


Morning Switch pals.

Has anyone had any experience sending their Switch in for repair? I bought mine from Argos on launch, but I can still get it fixed by Nintendo through the 24 month EU warranty law right?

Have a few minor niggles (headphone socket doesn’t work, left joycon wobbles incessantly) that I’d like fixed whilst I’m between games and just wondering how smooth the whole thing will be.


Sent something in once but as I’d binned receipt they were going to charge me.
By all accounts they seem to do a decent job but can take a fair bit of time.
There’s an automated thing online that give all the info and prints out the return labels etc for you. Once they receive it theyll be in touch after theyve evaluated it



Looking it up it seems I should probably contact Argos first, who I guess will then pass me on to Nintendo. Everything ordered online thankfully so no paper receipts to lose.


Good luck, hope everything gets sorted asap.


Yeah, I’ve sent in joycons twice.

Unless you bought from Nintendo themselves the warranty is 1 year, not 2, so you’ll likely have to pay even with the receipt, but they do a good job as far as I can tell.


Talking of joy con issues. My right stick sometimes just insists it is turning right when I’ve not touched it. I’m a bit concerned the case I got for my Switch compressed them and broke them.

Anyone else have this issue, they are not cheap to replace.


My left one has recently started thinking it’s up/down when it isn’t. Seems to not register that it’s returned to the centre after I finish pressing it. Particularly galling on menus.


and @Antpocalypsenow - this is what I sent my joycons off for - the right did it first, the left a few months later. It’s called joycon drift. You can try the calibration in the settings, or cleaning them with compressed air and a toothbrush (there’s online videos), but otherwise if you’re not confident with electronics it’s off to Nintendo.


That’s a pain. Given I am stupid I’ll probably just put up with it and then eventually buy another pair…


I now have two pairs… one for using and the other for using when I send the former pair back to be fixed. (the second one broke just before an emergency trip to Taiwan last year)

The bonus is my second pair are Splatoon coloured!


Yeah, it’s really annoying. I might try to calibrate them tonight to see if that helps.

I looked at replacements, they are not fucking cheap.


Doesn’t the 24 month guarantee cover purchases from the trader too?


warranty != guarantee.

Under the EU guarantee, the onus is on you to prove that your Switch was defective when you bought it if you’ve had it for more than 6 months.