Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Aaaah I see. That’s annoying because the joycon issue has been present pretty much off the bat but I didn’t want to send my console in at the time and end up losing all my save data.


2 total classics this month in terms of Nes games


February marks 6 months of Switch Online … reboot with SNES games next month?

I, of course, base this on absolutely nothing.


Beginning to wonder if they might start over E3 or something. Originally I thought it would be around the one year mark to encourage people to renew, but those data mining bits of news last month suggest Nintendo are way further ahead than you’d expect if that was the target.


Nintendos focus is switch online retention based on recent earnings calls so snes library seems a given


If they put SNES games on there I’d pay for a year.


Warframe Switch crew, they’ve released the second open world update but I recommend you download it from the main menu not from within the game.


Going to buy either Wargroove or Smash soon I think


First 20 Snes games list has already leaked out.


Tried to play fornite and couldn’t even register for it, kept getting errors and gave up. Think I am officially too old.


you have to dab while holding the joy cons for it to work


I was going to ask you to see if you still wanted to play :smile:
Ah well


Can send you one of my son’s fortnite pictures if that will fill the void.


edit: wrong thread ffs


When, not if.

There is icons in the firmware for Snes controller s


Ever finished A Link To The Past?


Never played it.


People will shortly tell you it’s the best 2D Zelda of all time and you should play it stat. They’re wrong. Links Awakening is better.


Let me be clear. I left the Shrine of Awakening with zero clothes because I didn’t realise the chests were openable.

I was that much of a Zelda n00b.