Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread


Downloaded the Bad North demo and enjoyed it s far but if that’s the whole game then it seems very slight.

Just basically going to get new super mario bros next tbh.

Might get sonic forces too. Anyone got a spare copy?


Dont get sonic forces


Well, you say that, but apart from the Wii U ones I’ve played all the manline sonic games


I’m gearing myself up for a botw purchase but will I miss out on stuff if I play handheld? I Can’t commandeer the TV for huge stretches.


Buy another telly


I played it all in handheld except for the first five mins or so.


To add to this, I did everything on handheld bar the first half hour.


It is much better on the telly though. Not that handheld isn’t great.


some of the temples are easier in handheld imo


Some of the puzzles are a lot harder though, like the ball/maze puzzles. You can always detach the joy-cons though.


Likewise. I barely ever dock my Switch tbh.


I was doing one of these on the train - ended up with my arms twisted behind my head with the Switch about 7 foot up in the air before realising I looked like an utter fool


I’ve played half and half, doesn’t make a bit of difference.


I started a new Minecraft world on the train this morning. See you all in May.


Well I am gonna do that soon…


I saw that in the eshop a couple of days ago and it looked intriguing. It’s 15% off now, so I may get it to give it a go.


I’m umming and ahhing about getting it.
The demo gives you quite a bit to play through really, although I think there are still a bunch more levels later. Although, from a couple of my goes I’ve had, and reviews I’ve read, it does seem to have a sudden difficulty spike part way through - one that can randomly come out of nowhere. And then the beginning levels are all quite easy, so I can see it being s bit irritating getting far and then dying and then having to go through all of the first levels again
But I do like the style and feeling of the game, and feel like I want to give it a chance. I almost wish the demo was shorter, as you can play that for about an hour before they stop you!


Its alright but it shows its hand esrly. A pleasent distraction but there are better options for that type of game on the platfrorm


Baldur’s Gate and loads of other CRPG classics to be ported over!!!


Would I play Okami? is there loads of plot and cut scenes and shit (I don’t like that)? There is mention of it being like Zelda… It is cheap at the moment - £12.