Nintendo Switch Thread 2020 - Mario Kart DIS Tourney; 1st Jan. Maybe.

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Fire Emblem is good

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How long is the expansion, do you know?

I’m not sure if I should buy it at some point

I can confirm it’s longer than the 20 minutes I played last night.

Beyond that, dunno.

Takes around 8 hours but is harder than the main game, apparently.

UK Bundle alert


This place feels so roomy. Anyway, STATS time!

Thread 1 was started in October 2016 ahead of the announcement of the Switch and was closed 761 days later. This works out as 13.14 posts a day.

Thread 2 was started in November 2018 and was closed 457 days later. This works out as 21.88 posts a day.

In Thread 1 the most clicked link was the Original Friends list spreadsheet, with 102 clicks.

In Thread 2 the most clicked link was the Original Friends list spreadsheet and the Port Everything to Switch Twitter account, with 39 clicks.

Curiously, both threads have almost the exact same estimated read time… of 667 minutes… spooooooooky.

Thread 1 has a total views of 115k, with 7.8k likes.

Thread 2 has a total views of 76.8k with 9.0k likes.

Note: For some reason Thread 2 has no summary of the most prolific posters, so a comparison cannot be made. In Thread 1, @anon73286315 posted 13.65% of all posts in the thread.


Hello new thread


From the other thread…

Anyone ever buy Broken Sword 5 or Travis Strikes Again? Any good?


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Where’s my elephant/Nintendo Direct?

Got Puyo Tetris last night. Played a few games against B. She was doing Puyo, I was doing Tetris. She won 5 games in a row.

Getting a bit annoyed I switch to Puyo also. Halfway through my first game she glances at my screen and announces “Hey, you’re cheating! How are you rotating them?!” Turns out she’d beaten me in the first 5 games without realising you could rotate the pieces. FFS.



I’ve got nothing to say but thought I should post.

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DiS Boards mission statement, 2008 (Next review: May 2022)


Is Luigi’s Mansion cheap anywhere yet??

Selling well, so there’s no need to discount. Think it’ll be a few months more until we see any kind of discount. But on the plus side you can probably buy the physical and sell it on without losing too much.

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Still haven’t bought Stardew Valley.

Still thinking of buying Stardew Valley.

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