Nintendo Switch Thread 2020 - Mario

Accidentally sent my Switch flying off the bed last night (no, not by a mega guff). Seems fine. No new Animal Crossing Switch for me then :slightly_frowning_face:


Anyone got a Physical copy of Sonic Forces they’re interested in passing forward? I’ve got a Starlink copy I could push on that was gifted on here last year. Let me know.

Travis Strikes again is meant to be poopy

DEW it

I’m broke but I really really want a Switch lite.

Added my friend code so people can just see me playing Ring Fit.

Going to grab Fremblem when I get paid at the end of the month, very excited for that.


Might want to go at the innards with a screwdriver just to make sure

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Need to add more ring fitters so I can see #stats

Who else has got sore abs and burning thighs ?


Anyone else??

I have been finding it ok after, maybe to do with running as well?

However, went to a strength class last week with my partner feeling I would be a bit more prepared. I was not. My arms and core hurt for 4 days :sweat_smile: I couldn’t do a sit-up and had to sit there while a lot of fit people did them while holding dumbells. More comfy in my house with the pilates ring for now.

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Fucked my back last week so I’ve not been oan it. Maybe tomorrow.

Today is the first day I’m a bit sore - i think it’s the bow pull things stretching my triceps?? :muscle:

(And the fucking planks and knees to chest)

I only ever do cardio exercise so anything upper body or strength related is brand new to me.

This sale could end up being dangerous for me. Got a pretty clear backlog (at least of stuff I actually want to play) and FE, MM2, DOOM and a few others are all appealing to me.

I’ve been either full of cold or out on the lash since mine arrived.
Will be back in action Monday and ready to report all aches and strains.

Forgot @kram too!

We should all team up and make a new season of gladiators or something

Hello new thread!

Good time to reflect on my feelings about the switch generally…

  • I genuinely think that the switch is the best console I’ve ever owned. It’s not as powerful as some but it just makes the games so easy to enjoy and have fun with. I’m not just thinking about the handheld option but also the insta stop and start /pause option, so much easier to do brief bits of gaming here and there which during term time is all I’ve got.

  • I’ve been a massive fan of Short, Visually Beautiful Games Where You Can’t Die on my switch recently. Particularly when I’ve been under the weather, a quick blast on a SVBGWYCD on the switch, often played in bed, will really cheer me up. My favourite SVBGWYCDs this month have been Untitled Goose Game, Gris and Far Lone Sails. None are switch exclusives but I wouldn’t have bought any of them on any other platform.

  • big exclusives have been hit or miss for me. Fire Emblem I loved, despite never having played a game like this before. Bayonetta 2 I LOVED. BOTW left me cold (sorry!) ditched it after the second divine beast and Mario Odyssey i liked but I never loved like I thought I was gong to.


Any stats on what percentage of thread 2 was me asking whether Luigis Mansion had inverted controls patched in yet?

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Yeah! We’ll all have mighty thighs.

I’ll add my friend code later/tomorrow.

Best console for me too. Everything a joy so far. So well designed, and great how quickly you can get into the games. Nice picking it up for a few minutes waiting to head out or something. Also took mine to my bros the other week and did some local multiplayer Splatoon - ridiculous fun.




So do we think Switch will ever get Netflix, iPlayer, Prime Video etc? I’m away on holiday and having Netflix to watch kids stuff on today would have been so handy.

But I wonder if they’ve taken a decision to simply not support it. Perhaps they’ve data on how much watching TV on Wii U stopped people buying games? Or maybe that’s the way into the machine that got hacked on Wii?

Any thoughts?