Nintendo Switch Thread 2020 - Mario

The cloud is switching to series x architecture next year so all devices that have xcloud on it will have xbox series x performance* this has already been confirmed.

  • in theory, streaming tech is still unreliable

Also sony are deffo going to subsidise its discless costs via the online store. 30% cut on all 3rd party sales on that system and 100% cut of all first parties (vs 70 in brick and morter)

yeah, i’m certain that this is their play. not sure why they’re not setting it out like that, but i would buy a series S if it could stream from xCloud at 4k rather than run on my machine

Oi, stop sullying the Nintendo Switch thread with non-Switch chat! Heathens.


Very slowly making progress on DQXI, trying to do a little bit at least each night. Problem is there’s so much to see and so many people to talk to, some of the dialogue is so good I find myself running around everywhere talking to people after each plot beat just to see their reactions. It will take me forever to get anywhere with it…

Anyway, just wrapped up the Gallopolis stuff, was all great fun, how good is Sylvando?


I lost a lot of time to that game, I dread December when the enhanced versions comes to gamepass and I do it all over

I know my view might change but I can’t at the moment imagine playing it again - I’m loving the plot, the characters, the dialogue, the humour, the enemies and the minigames like horse racing… but that’s all fighting against stuff I can do without, like inventory management, crafting, skill points etc. I did 30 mins of grinding the other night and set them to fight automatically and it wasn’t really less fun than fighting myself tbh.

Yeah I think I’m just broken

It’s a very pleasant world to sink into tbh, very charming and non-threatening.

I really struggle with the combat.

My daughter and I are playing the demo and we’ve met this dickhead of a devil imp who jumps out of a treasure chest and attacks you. No matter what we do, he dies.

Kinda soured it so much we’ve given up.

Oh really? I’m pretty much a newbie at RPGs but I don’t think I’ve struggled with any fights so far, just the basic attack / heal / spam your specials stuff. Maybe I over-levelled fighting random monsters in the field. Aren’t you a big Xenoblade guy? This stuff must be child’s play to you!

I kinda cheese my way through all RPGS. Can never be bothered to play them properly, so grind a bit beyond my level and then slog away.

I think I’ve probably only ever played about 7 RPGs in my life!?

XC1, 2 and X (never beat the final boss)
FF7 (never beat Sephiroth)
Vagrant Story (gave up)

Unless Witcher 3, Stick of Truth, Paper Mario etc count.

I cant figure out if I can do anything to influence the fight, as it does it all automatically. He just kills us both straight away. Maybe I shouldn’t have found him yet…

I vaguely remember the bit, it’s all about rebuilding the bridge, right? I can’t remember the fight at all though, does seem weird that he’s just one-shotting you first off, I would assume you can only find him when that bit is triggered.

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Two Switch streams today.

NintendoLife have curated an Indies presentation for PAX, with about 30 new games on it.

10:15pm -

Before that there’s a partner showcase later on, where it’s expected a Switch exclusive Monster Hunter game will be announced, plus I presume an update on DOOM Eternal and this Mass Effect Trilogy that seems to be popping up online everywhere today.

3:00pm -

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Mass Effect Trilogy is another no brainer purchase for me. Thank god there’s nothing else to spend money on atm.


Really would love to fuck off certain elements of the first game, but otherwise I’m so, so down to play them all again! On the toilet! On the train! While my wife watches her programmes!


This is the main thing really.

Woah mass effect trilogy you say? Fuck

I’d be surprised if they lead the Switch with the anouncment as its unlikely to be able to show off any enhancments so take it with a pinch of salt


My backlog has grown because I checked my “redownload list” on the eshop. Quite a few I had forgotten I’d bought or gave up on originally.

Started with Sonic Mania which I rage quit on about three years ago. Just breezed through it in a few sittings so not sure why I had so much trouble first time around. It’s pretty good, nice nostalgia hit and some clever new ideas. Just don’t feel the need to every play it again. I have no desire to explore like I do with Mario… just want to finish as quickly as possible (which is the point?).

Steamworld Dig 2 next