Nintendo Switch Thread 2021 Everything is Cats

There was talk a while back (from Nintendo themselves) that maybe a game with visuals akin to the old Mario promo art might be something in due course

Now that things like Cup head are out I could totally see a Mario game like this being a beauty


In theory you could make an ambient gaming classic from the concept. Probably more likely to be cutesy, dull and repetitive though.

Really want to get involved in Mario Kart tonight… how do I go about it?

In the first post of this thread there is a doc with the lobby code (if you haven’t done it before, when you go to the online menu you select the Tournament option I think and enter the code there).

If you want as well I/someone else can add you to the DM thread where we chat and impromptu calls to play are often put.

Splatfest from 10pm tomorrow through to 10pm Sunday

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The power star is but fleeting, The mushroom is forever*.

* if you’re actually any good at Mario games that is.

Star makes the fun music though dududu d-d-du d-d-d-duh dududu d-d-du d-d-d-duh


Not in Super Mario Land 2 :frowning:

Yeah… The Outer Worlds is not great. I really tried pre-patch and had to stop. Post-patch it’s better but still not playable in my opinion. I’m hoping to play it on Series S when they do the next gen update.

BioShock is fantastic on Switch. Looks and plays brilliantly. £21 is an absolute bargain.

I just opened up the wider part of the sea, and I am giddy with excitement to see the world. Feels like BotW to me in terms of the childish glee in seeing what comes next.

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Thanks… think I’ve joined and am waiting… I’m Marnie btw (not sure how to change from my daughters name)

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My internet is currently down, and I’m much more concerned about it being back up for the splatfest than getting any work done tomorrow.


Very tempted for £12. Was expecting it to be a £25 release and I really like the art style. Might bite before bed.


Operation Backlog Smash continues apace!

Tonight I have knocked off Gorogoa.

More mixed feelings… beautiful art, unbelievably ingenious concept, wonderful feeling when it all comes together. But I found it quite inscrutable, didn’t really follow the story, and a lot of the puzzles felt quite trial and error. Would definitely recommend it because it’s so different to anything else, like Obra Dinn, I can’t fathom how someone’s brain came up with it.

This week I’ve finished Gorogoa, A Short Hike, Limbo and Air Conflicts: Secret Wars. What a run!


I loved Gorogoa v much


Just reading up on it now, it took the guy seven years to make and I can believe it.

Can imagine myself replaying it down the line to try and appreciate the story and the again without the frustration. Really glad I played it.

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Played it a few weeks ago. First reaction was frustration at the lack of steering you into how the game works, but really loved it once it had clicked. Felt v. satisfying to work things out. If there is much story, it’s definitely impenetrable!

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I have this on PC but haven’t really played it much. Forgot about it when I got the Switch actually