Nintendo Switch Thread 2021 (New Gen 4 Pokemon)

Didn’t realise you could use a PS5 controller with a (docked) Switch with that 8bitdo wireless adaptor. Nice.

What makes it better? Or is it just so you don’t have to remove the controllers and redock them?

Joycons are kind of fiddly and imprecise, with the compact button spacing. I don’t use them for anything any more - I have the chunky Hori Joycon replacements for playing handheld, and was using a Switch Pro/cheap Switch Pro knock-off for docked. I like the PS5 controller though, it’s very comfortable and what I use with PC. Will be nice to have a consistent controller across both.

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Started Origami King last week. Looks lovely, very funny, enjoying the exploring… and I know this has been said before… but the combat system is awful. Just not fun in any way. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty bad at figuring out the more complicated puzzles. Surely they could have devised a fun, tactical, turn based combat that isn’t… this. Its really going to test how much I enjoy the rest of the game as to whether I finish or not.


Spend those coins mate. You end the game with thousands so dump a ton on skipping the fights

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Oh you can do that?? I tried to flee the last battle but Mario fell over… does that come later? I’m at Overlook Mountain at the mo.

Yeah I think (but could be wrong) that spending different amounts does different things. So say 10-30 just get you a bit longer thinking time but a few dozen means the Toads around the outside arrange things for you and do a lot of the battle

I think it gets better the more Toads you’ve freed. But later in the game I’m spending 999 on the tougher fights just to get it over with quicker and I’m not much further than OM


Will definitely give it a go, but boy it makes Pac Man look complicated!

Interesting… there’s been a few rumours flying around about an NSO update on 8th April. Mostly fairly unlikely stuff like GameCube and N64 games being added all at once, but with the major version system update & this being announced maybe we’ll get something tomorrow…

Bought Pan-Pan and The Gardens Between. BACKLOG, BABYYYYYYY

The only game I’ve been actually playing is Pop’n TwinBee on the SNES service. Finished it on easiest setting with a few rewinds, would quite like to do it on normal setting with no rewinds, but not sure how much patience I’ll have. Good when you get in the flow though. Am I a shmup fan now?

pac man is insane

Would be so cool if the guys could just get together and announce some new games

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we’ve not heard from vamos’ twitter mates for some time. what are they hiding?




Looking forward to trying this once I’ve dragged myself away from monster hunting. Love a bit of Pac-Man.

A possible Bluetooth update seems about as good as you’re getting.

Reckon it’s gonna be a barren summer…

Having fun with Xenoblade again

In some sort of mech on lair with some absolutely massive mechon machine things which are actually requiring me to be tactical with the combat even on casual mode.

Let’s not lose our heads though!


It took me ages in that section to realise that my monado wasn’t behaving in the same way towards enemies and switch up my party.

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