Nintendo Switch Thread 2021 (New Gen 4 Pokemon)

I bought a load of gear from the Grebo who appears at the start of that chapter as it was pretty heavily hinted that I’d need different equipment.

Think my Monado is still working though?! I’ll double check tonight…

Ah maybe it’s a bit later on then. But I couldn’t figure out why my monado at one point was utterly useless and after dying repeatedly in one section over and over, I noticed my attacks were doing 0 damage and the mechs had become resistent to it.

yeah it’s gone quiet… almost too quiet.

can only mean that silksong is gonna surprise drop tomorrow.


Pacman is crazy but actually a lot of fun. I think I might be slightly better than I am at Tetris. 22 my highest so far but think I can do better

Why am I watching the trailer of the Miitopia game that’s on the Switch’s News page? And why am I only halfwah through it?
Looks weird. And bad.

So many Reyn quotes burned into my brain forever.



Wahhhh I finished super Mario World. (absolutely loved it exactly my sort of game)

What can I play now :cry::cry::cry:


Steamworld Dig 2?


Absolutely rinsing Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It’s so fast compared to Mario Kart and so much more difficult! You’ve gotta be good at lining yourself up to successfully drift round corners and the shortcuts are great, some of them you feel proper cheeky pulling them off as they skip looaads of the track. Only downside is the weirdly long load times for the character models so the menus are full of :speech_balloon: icons. The majority of the characters are proper jarg DreamWorks-type animal mascots too but it’s all part of the 90’s charm innit.

Hope this is true

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Rayman Legends


I loved it when it was free for the week. So much so that I’ve been sorely tempted to actually buy it! Been very close recently.

I found the racing, maps and the adventure mode to be so much better than Mario Kart 8DX. I’ve found, bar online, MK8DX to be weirdly lacking when it has so much content. Really flies in the face of my idea that unlockables should be open. Turns out having them open is actually a disincentive.

Wierd that.

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Don’t suppose you played Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 did you? If so, how does the adventure mode compare to that? I always loved that game much more than MK64.

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I’ve only played DKR a couple of times a long time ago, but as far as I can remember it’s very similar. Feels a little less ‘adventure-y’ in terms of setting and more race-focused but they’re basically the same thing… A bunch of world’s with 4 races, a boss fight at the end, and then you can go back to do some extra challenges like time trials etc

Been playing Murder By Numbers over the past week, and just completed it. I enjoyed it and it’s Phoenix Wright type story style. I’ve decided I never want to play another Picross game again though. Neverending picrosses!

Could be tempted in that case - will have a look at some gameplay clips. Never played any bandicoot-based silliness before.

Finally ordered myself an SD card after buying BioShock and finding out it was 12.5gb

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I think @sheeldz said as much but it’s super tight as a racer, really fun and satisfying to play. Possibly better than MK8D although there’s not much in it… back in the day way better than MK64 though IMO.

The loading times are ridiculous but pretty great apart from that

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Feel nervous being so enthusiastic about a game in case you get it and hate it, but if you like kart racers it’s a good un

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Absolute bargain

Not played it yet, but it’s bought and ready to go. Heard insanely positive things about it and it’s a really original concept

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Nice - had my eye on this. Downloading into the backlog…

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