Nintendo Switch Thread 2021 (New Gen 4 Pokemon)

Slightly late to the party but Mario vs Rabbids is way more fun than it has any right to be. I love it.


Bet this is the new, upgraded model

cant wait for the real Super Meat Boy 2 announcement

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Yesss, come on Bakugan Champions of Vestroia 2 announcement :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Can I just shock you? I like indie games.

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Me too!

Hoping for a Silksong update, obvs

I dont reckon you’ll see that until a proper direct tbh

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Neither do I in all honesty. But I can dream…

There have been a lot of rumours (again) about ms and nintendo expanding their relationship

I’ve been ignoring them because it feels like it’s been going on forever then Halos Instagram account did this


Hope its not just master chief coming to smash

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I sound like a stuck record but really want silksong and cuphead release dates… and I don’t think we will get either. A man can dream though.

Isnt cuphead already on switch?

I think they’re just a very stuck record…

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I don’t know whether it’ll materialise yet, but I wonder if, while the lockdown has created issues for large developers, it might actually lead to a boom in indie gaming? More people with more free time to work on their projects…

Not saying this means this’ll be a classic indie showcase by any means.

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Just gonna be Halo characters in Smash, right?

Edit: Just seen Bandy has suggested the same.

The gamepass rumours resurfaced before this post too (they may add the streaming version to switch)

Subnautica on 14th May it looks like. Finally

That would be a pretty smart move, imo

This is your five minute warning