Nintendo Switch Thread 2021 Nintendo Direct (Wild disappointment phase)



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Foot… leg…America?

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Footleg America II Remastered S: The Jewels of A Random Mind

There is a thread in making up fake JRPGs titles isn’t there?

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Ah, it’s a Kingdom of Hearts game. Gotchya.

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The Master of Bribir X/33: Forgetions and Limbo Lights

Oh sure when EPIMER posts it you go nuts but when duck, avid tony hawks pro skater fan, posts it you dont give a shit.


You don’t mean that

Hate that Xbox version gets a confirmed date and Switch gets a confirmed year. It’ll be Doom Eternal / Dark Souls all over again

Streaming me and my mates playing FF Crystal Chronicles, a really weird and obtuse multiplayer game for anyone who’s interested. Otherwise will be streaming Dead Cells at some point which will probs be more fun:

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The Sunshine level where you have to shoot the piranha plant with the balloon creature from a distance is some bullshit


This is where I stopped. Fuck off Sunshine.

Played about an hour of Bowser’s Fury last night, and I think it may be a refinement of what I wasn’t keen on from Odyssey. It has a great pace, going from each level in the open world to a new goal, it felt like I wasn’t stopping and was just constantly having a fun time. Got 25 of the cat shines in that time, though the Bowser blocks are a bit of a pace killer, especially since when you get the shine it stops him being Giga and you have to wait for the next event to get the next set of blocks…otherwise having a blast.

Nintendo may have found out that world maps were only necessary due to technical restrictions and not needed anymore. Hopefully they learn this lesson for the 2D mario games because the whole kicking u back to the world map screen thing in those game is obnoxious and makes them categorically inferior to their peers

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and yet there’s not been a decent final fantasy since they binned them off

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Yeah, I 100%'d it last night. There’s definitely rough edges that need to be smoothed out to turn it into a full title and it’d need lengthening, but the core concept works really well. After a while, I found Bowser was turning up often enough I didn’t have to wait too much to break blocks where needed and in between I’d go do other stuff, but it’s a little obnoxious when he turns up midway through a difficult platforming section and just firebreathes you into lava or if you haven’t grasped how to plan around him. Nothing in there that needed googling for me, which is unusual for a Mario game if you’re going for everything (although I did get close with 2 shines before I spotted the trick to getting to them). It’s a good way to cap off the 35th anniversary.

Do the Tony Hawks remakes have all the same tunes?

Most of them and some new ones - Machine Gun Kelly is the sole dud (but at least its his best song)

But its mostly old tunes and you can disable the new ones if you like - but I like the new tunes too

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good to hear!