Nintendo Switch Thread 2021

Hello. Seeing as I’ve just myself one of these and no one seems to have started a 2021 thread I thought I would as I’d like lots of hints and tips and that.

Just started BOTW… Few little difficult bits so far. What’s the etiquette on googling walk-throughs for bits you can’t get?

Looking forward to joining some dis online games too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would recommend not doing this and asking in this thread or the BOTW thread for subtle pointers if you’re stuck - I think it will feel more rewarding that way than risking spoilers using a walkthrough online

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Eh, I think it’s OK. I am a very casual gamer and haven’t played a lot of the Zelda games so it’s hard to get going sometimes. So I needed a little nudge at the start.

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Yeah make use of the dedicated BOTW thread, everyone has gone through the same things and will aim to give non-spoiler tips and nudges.

In general, I used to try and avoid guided because I felt it would somehow invalidate my experience, but I have to accept I’m also shit at games and sometimes I need the help. Think the question should always be “am I having fun?”, if you’re proper stuck and you can’t enjoy the game any further then what’s the harm in looking? You’ll know how sensitive you are to spoilers and stuff, it’s for you to judge - obviously there’s satisfaction to figuring things out yourself but you can’t always do that.

If this is going to be the new Switch thread, can we put the friends doc in the top again?


I’m gonna buy botw and have another go at it

Thank you! Basically I don’t know how to get anything from the Oman au shrine. Keep getting either killed by the spider or stuck because I can’t get up onto the last platform bit

No etiquette- do whatever you like if you’re stuck or whatever. Games are meant to be fun and there’s no point frustrating yourself if you can just google your way out of it.

Reckon I’ve played some puzzly/mystery games and spoilered more than half the game in the past but still enjoyed it.


Didn’t join in the 2020 thread cos it looked way too long to get into so :wave:t3:

Got Ring Fit Adventure for Christmas and set it up today as I’m not going to the gym anytime soon


Gonna get this too I reckon!!

Ok well if you cheat in that game you’re only cheating yourself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Who the fuck has honestly played a puzzle game recently and not looked up at least ahandful of solutions?

Anyone who says me is a dang liar


Mario Kart tonight (1st) hopefully for anyone who wants in :+1:

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I did about 10 mins after setting it up and it was fun and a decent workout

I haven’t looked up any Picross solutions… yet.

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I’m feeling very tempted to upgrade from my lite to the big lad, depsite the fact I know I’d still play in portable mode 95% of the time.

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I’m in portable atm but fully know I’ll go big screen once back in UK :uk:

From what I’ve read, the lite is preferable for portable mode as is more robust and just feels better in hand but I need to play Zelda on the big screen and would love to play Mario Kart with my housemates.

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I totally did that for the Talos Principle. I persisted and tried my best to solve the majority of them myself, but there were still a fair few that I checked on YouTube and was okay with it.

But the last couple of puzzle games I’ve played recently (and of course Picross every time) I have managed to complete without any outside help, and it felt very satisfying to do that.

(BOTW totally got internet help for me to find a whole heap of shrines though!)

Fully don’t have the patience for spending more than 2 minutes solving puzzles in none puzzle games


Do the Lites get joycon drift?