Nintendo Switch Thread 2021

Hey there I’m going to really try and make this tonight but it’s been so long since I’ve switched online I have no idea what I’m doing. Do I need a code or something?

First, do you have a switch online subscription? You’ll need that.

Then if you go to the top post of this thread there is the lobby code to access the DiS tournament in the friends doc. You’ll need to go to the online menu in MK, then select tournament and enter this.

Also worth noting is that occasionally a thing happens where you leave and go back to find nobody else in the lobby. The workaround we’ve found for this is to instead of going to the tournament option, go to the option st the top that says something like friends & rivals and just select one of us who you have just been racing again and that should put you back in there with us.

Pretty glad you asked as I’ve mostly written the op for the new thread now :grinning:


Oh thank you that’s very clear. I have switch online, see you soon!

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Does Bioshock run/play well on switch?

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Not played myself, but solid ports at 30fps without too many dropped frames apparently.

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Yes, it’s really good. Recently played the first two + DLC and had a great time. Infinite is a bit meh, but runs well.

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DF rates it so highly.

Bought a little game called Hades. Needed a new game because Abzu is super boring and I couldn’t get back into Div 2 Original Sin even after I knocked the difficulty down (that made combat boring in a too easy way). I need something other than yet more Slay the Spire.


I only spent an hour on Abzu according to the Switch, and I finished it in that time. Kind of pretty, but not much of a game.

If anyone was intrigued by Scott Pilgrim, it’s already gone on sale (classic Ubisoft). Just grabbed it. I think it has online co-op?

Dead Cells update: after a bunch of Rampart deaths I got back to The Concierge for the second time and this time prevailed!

Now to decide where to go next…


I just fucked it with him (beat him first time as well, so proper annoyed).

Am trying to get the tune in Toxic Sewers now, find them a lot harder than the ramparts though.

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Hate the sewers

Me too! Which is why I must MASTER THEM

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How much?
I want it for sure as I’m a big fan but am still torn over ordering the physical.

20% off so it’s £9 something now. I have a couple of quid in points as well so was a no brainer.

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I’ll have a wee think.
cheers buddy.

Woke up at 2am for some unknown reason (many whiskeys last night) and can’t get back to sleep. Thankfully 3D World unlocked at midnight.

Wow this game is charming. The music is fantastic, levels super fun (just done the first 4).
I’m loving the more linear approach heading to the flag pole, with enough reward for exploring beyond that.

Think I’ll try and pace this out a bit though. Not sure how many levels, but know already I’ll be sad when it is done.

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