Nintendo Switch Thread 2021

i got stuck in the forest of illusion and gave up, give me sonic 3 and knuckles any day m9

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:smiley: literally where i’ve just got to. can’t remember how you beat it, but it can’t be any more convoluted than the ghost houses surely?

I use this:

Not as sexy, but a bit cheaper/works pretty well.

Can add the Lite version of the Genki one to the pledge for the same price as that so I’ve gone with that.

Looking forward to it all arriving in April and having no recollection of having backed it or why I wanted it, as is the way with Kickstarter :+1:

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I’ve got something similar to this now I think about it, but I really the idea of not having wires involved. Handy if I ever have to commute again in the future.

Yeah, it is slightly annoying having it dangling when playing handheld.

fuck ghost houses

“hey, player, see all that stuff that’s fun, logical, and you like in the other levels? well guess what - what number am i thinking of? nope! NOPE! wrong again. No, the answer is B. tough luck mate AHAHAH”

/looks over at sonic 3 and knuckles/

“hey, fancy just getting to the next level when you finish the last one? sure buddy, come on in, rest your head, i’ll take care of you”


i meaaaaan sonic games are kind of the original walking sim.*

*until you get to anything underwater. then they’re just rage bait

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tenor (8)

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i meaaaaannnnn. (pls understand sonic 2 was my favourite game for like a decade)

Wait so is this just broadcasting the HDMI output over wifi? So you still have to be in the same room as the console to use the controller?

No - it’s acting as a capture card that connects to your laptop/desktop via USB.

Ah so you actually have to physically connect the console and PC by cable?

Yeah -


The only thing Sonic beats Mario on in truth is the music


Ah right, useful enough for Switch then but not really of any benefit for stationary consoles

i want a horse for link


Only real benefit I can see for other consoles would be if it works as well as existing capture cards for streamers.

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If you head to the stable below kakariko village, a stablehand there will teach you how to tame one.