Nintendo Switch Thread 2021


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I’ve just completed one run through of Dungeon of the Endless. I’ve enjoyed it, but boy is it tough. The other ships/challenges on it look quite tough, so I may just stop now!

Enjoyed the first one a lot. High hopes.

Weird that it’s been announced this way though.

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Part of Ubisofts showcase as it’s made by them rather than Nintendo I guess.

I think someone fucked this up by 12 hours! Oops.

Any, as stated before, the 40% of the first one I really enjoyed. Got stuck and couldn’t face a fourth attempt at the second World boss. Sacked it off. Shame really.

Will get this when it is cheaper probably

This validates one of the huge leaks as well. It had the title right and everything.

Though this was the only Switch on the list

multiplayer Lynel hunting it is then!

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…as DLC for Monster Hunter Rise

Oh man that’d be awesome. Would buy another Switch for that.

You’d think if it was accidental they wouldn’t have left it up all day

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Wtf is a rabbids anyway

Ubisoft characters, obviously. God eric, I thought you knew stuff about video games


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This tweet is unavailable??

If the super new exciting super switch launch title is mario rabbits 2 though, then….

Huh he’s deleted this


It said:

Remember when Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs in 2012 but the PS4/XB1 hadn’t been announced yet so they couldn’t say what platforms it was on or explain how it looked so good? Anyway here’s Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Not sure anything about that Rabbids trailer really looks beyond the capabilities of the Switch though, he’s just being a smart arse.

Edit: The trailer