Nintendo Switch Thread 2021

I started playing Figment, which I bought in the last sale because it had a big sale. It seemed fine, but didn’t seem like it would be particularly challenging or fun, plus the characters were annoying me, so i gave up on that pretty quickly.

I’ve now moved on to the second Ori game, and that’s much better. Looking forward to getting further into it.

Didn’t realise the Diablo II remaster is coming to Switch too. That’s cool. September.


Anyone had a look at this House in Fata Morgana visual novel thing?

I saw some article on Nintendolife about it having a perfect score on metacritic and I’m slightly intrigued

Pretty exciting stuff

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I have read both posts about it on Nintendo life and it is very much ‘not for me clive’ visual noval. There’s not actually any gameplay.
Be as well watching a TV show or reading a book.
Each to their own though. It clearly has people who like it.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: MEGATON!!!

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You still have people speculating that this means the Switch Pro is on the way, because more people are going to be trading in to buy it, rather than just, y’know, a free Zelda poster.

Nintendo fans are weird, but I get that people are starved of info :rofl:

it shows something about my make-up doesn’t it that I am more excited for a Nintendo Direct tomorrow than Scotland’s first soccer match at a tournament in 23 years this afternoon doesn’t it


Hard to know which is more likely to disappoint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




any new switch related leaks over the last day or so?

Oh damn thought the direct was today

I’m excited, but just about managing to not piss myself tbh

I so nearly put in a urine related pun but my sleep deprived mind couldn’t think of one. Absolute piss-take.

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So, they said the direct will only contain Nintendo Switch software. From that we can assume there will be no unveiling of the pro during the direct. Therefore they can either reveal it before, or some point much letter. It doesn’t really make sense to put out a pro reveal just after the direct does it?

I reckon no mention of the pro tomorrow at all

Managed to avoid every spoiler so far and barely go on Twitter. Excited about tomorrow!


Wouldn’t expect a reveal before mid-July at the very earliest.

Not now no. Though the rumours about them revealing pre-e3 did make sense. That’s not happening now

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