Nintendo Switch Thread 2021

For anyone having a bad day or wanting to have a blissful 2 minutes away fro mwork, may I recommend you rewatch the Zelda BOTW reveal trailer from E3 2016 where we got our first proper look at the game and marvel at how utterly perfect it is. This trailer still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Which is about every other week.

The atmosphere. Hints at what’s to come. Music. Pacing.

Just wonderful.

Ready for a sequel now please Nintendo.


Hang on… just realised this isn’t the trailer I was thinking of.

This one has the best music.

What’s walking on the cliff at 18 secs?

A Stalnox

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Aha, cheers.

Playing this at the moment and loving it! Was slightly nervous of all the chat about tea parties etc., but don’t mind that side of things at all.


Good game.

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Pretty sure I’ve never seen one of those in some 200 hours of playing. Did as much as possible in the day time though as it can be a real grind at night until you git gud.

Must admit - I don’t think I ever came across one in my gameplay… I just knew it must be a stal-something because it’s made of bones and googled to see what possibilities there were!

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I didn’t really watch this one as I knew from trailer one that it was 100% what I wanted Zelda to evolve into and I wanted to go in unprepared. So I’ve seen it like… twice, ever?

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is cuphead good hard or shit hard?

You can see their bones in the day and then they come together at dusk, if you get near them.


Dark Souls/Celeste hard, feel like you’d hate it

i didn’t mind celeste, feel like i’m more amenable to a 2d platformer being nails. will wait til it’s cheap anyhoo.

It’s the only game trailer that’s ever given me proper emotional feels.

Disgaea 6, for me

Bless you.


Meh. I felt rather than fair hard (Celeste) you’d just have random shit fall on you from nowhere and kill you all the time meaning I was just infuriatingly playing the same levels over and over until things happened to line up for me. Didn’t love it, think there’s a bunch of better indie platformers out there

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£15 is a good price and worth it

Think you’ll hate it tbh

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