Nintendo Switch Thread 2021

It’s pretty much all boss fights, lots of pattern recognition and perfect response times needed.

What should I play next from my backlog:

  • Transistor
  • Undertale
  • Super Mario Sunshine

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Mario Kart people who maybe don’t follow the Mario Kart thread so much, I’ve suggested some racing tonight if anyone wants to join :+1: (9pm probably)


You’ll get through Transistor in maybe 3 hours? Great little game

Oh really, I saw it was about six hours from HLTB (though that’s the shortest from the list above), think I’m leaning that way then, it’s not like I’m a hardcore completionist

I gave up on Transistor, but I probably didn’t try it more than an hour. Can’t remember what I didn’t like about it that much. Can’t imagine going back to it now I’ve played and loved Hades though.

Undertake was good fun.

Mario Sunshine is still in my plastic-wrapped copy of Mario All Stars. Will open and play it one day!

Started Transistor (was leading the poll when I last saw it this afternoon…) and a very fun first hour. Same vibes as Bastion with the lovely art, music and narration, and the combat is really fascinating - still getting my head round it but very cool.

Hades is going to be so fucking good when I get round to it.

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Pro controller for 50 quid which is not cheap but cheaper than usual I think?

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Worth it IMO. Have had no problems with it, unlike joy cons.


What I really want is some sort of headgear with an arm out the front, so i can suspend the switch in front of my face and then use the pro controller.

If I prop the switch up on the coffee table or arm of the sofa or whatever then I just end up straining my neck.

Get on it Nintendo.


They should make a version of the Switch where you can play on television :wink::grinning:


I can’t find burnout for a good price anywhere so might get sonic forces for £23

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I don’t get to commandeer the tv very often (well I could but it wouldn’t be fair). Suspect this is the case for a lot of adult switchers


That’d hold one hell of a harmonica tbh tbf

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oh wait this is even better


Ah that’s okay it just made me laugh the way it was described :blush:


Sonic forces is like 4hrs long and considered terrible by most

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How do I buy both of these things?

It has sonic in it tho