Nintendo Switch Thread 2021

OK 5 hours in and I have abandoned motion controls, just way too imprecise. Kept doing a shield strike accidentally too because I can’t my left hand perfectly still whilst sword swinging.

I played an hour last night, loved it apart from the flying, although I hate flying bits in pretty much every game. Controls felt fine to me except the roll button as I’ve never been able to push those joystick buttons for some reason.

Some of the innuendo was a bit weird. Thought Link was going to turn into Geralt of Rivia at one point :grimacing:

L3 to roll is just not a good choice, adds to the effect of everything feeling like it happens a second after you want it to

Two Point Hospital is the next game for a Game Trial, starting next week. Which is great!


Pokémon Unite is fine verging on… good? It’s basically the mobile version of League of Legends, but Snorlax.

got about 50 hours of TPH on pc. quality game, especially if you loved theme hospital like me.

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saw a thread on Reddit about how pay2win it is so be careful x

I get the impression that Epimer’s less interested in winning and more interested in… Snorlax.

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Finished Limbo. Wow. Sublime experience. I know there’s a debate between which is better, Limbo or Inside, but doesn’t feel like a debate to me. Limbo is a great puzzle platformer but it feels like a tech demo that is turned into a fully realised game with Inside. The way it looks, the design of the world, the flow, the puzzles, the different mechanics, the whole ending… my only complaint is how viscerally terrifying the dogs (and mermaid things) are.


Worth a repost here. I always thought it was good that Nintendo stayed away from this nonsense, by and large, so I won’t be supporting it.

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That doesn’t sound good.

Incidentally I’ve never been quite sure of the relationship between Pokémon and Nintendo. I know the two come hand in hand but there was that story a few years ago where Nintendo were in financial trouble because people kept buying shares in them thinking they made and owned Pokémon Go, and they had to put a statement out correcting people.

I wouldn’t bet against them going this way, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen stuff that suggests Mario Kart and Fire Emblem on mobile are money pits. But not sure how much this title will be their doing?

The Pokemon Company is jointly owned by Nintendo, the publishers, Game Freak, the developers, and Creatures Inc, who I think own the trademarks and stuff.

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The thing about Nintendo shares rising ‘accidentally’ from Pokemom Go popularity always felt like nonsense to me. Pokemon games are on Nintendo consoles. Sword and Shield sold absolute gangbusters, with Go definitely a factor in that, and no doubt led to a lot of Switch purchases.

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Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures each own a third of The Pokemon Company which controls the Pokemon IP. In terms of games The Pokemon Company acts as publisher (so controls what’s made) - Nintendo handle distribution of the console titles and can sometimes get involved in localisation etc, but where they’re involved in development they’re essentially a 2nd party.

(or what @Sheeldz said)

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Deep into Xenoblade Chronicles now. I think Riki is my favourite video game character of all time. I piss myself every time he calls Dunban “Dun Dun”


Riki is a heropon



Finally got a 1cc on Danmaku 3. On easy mode… But hey, it’s a start.

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Picked up Dicey Dungeons for 6 quid or so and by gum it my be the best turn-based roguelike RPG on the Switch since Slay the Spire. Not a fan of the art style but some of the mechanics are very interesting, especially after you unlock more characters. Big recommend if you like that kind of thing.


Like Dicey Dungeons a lot. Really well designed. I’m terrible on the runs where it imposes limitations. Can’t remember which character, but there’s one where your max health goes down every time you level up. Destroys me.

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I don’t think I have that one yet, sounds like a nightmare! Finding the mage a bit of a headfuck tbh, it’s quite impressive how each subsequent hero feels twice as complex as the previous one.