Nintendo Switch Thread 2022

Same. It’s the best place to earn gold at the moment, and I need that to level my gear! There’s a lot of variety in the stages compared to my memories of Splatoon 2… maybe it’s mostly stuff that was added post launch last time around, but it feels much more like a complete game mode.

Also playing a bunch more ranked - turf war was my main jam in Splatoon 2. Enjoying the tower/capture the flag and zone control ones, not on board with clam blitz or rainmaker at the moment. May need to start experimenting with other weapons.

Finished the single player over the weekend. Nice final boss battle - really well staged, unexpected villain and of course excellent music. Need to go back to 100% it at some point - the target levels are a pain in the backside.


It is so good

Never quite got clam blitz… Seems too painstaking to get anywhere. Love splat zones and tower control.

Edit: oh yeah, those target levels make me grind my teeth. Especially the ones on rails.

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Bought the Stanley Parable Deluxe Edition (£14), Machinarium (£4) and Gorogoa (£4) in the Sale.

Lovely stuff.


I added Yoku’s Island, Sonic Mania and Shantae Pirate fun (as well as Inside) - should keep me going for next few months. Got to 170 strawberries in Celeste last night too :strawberry:


Team fun are ruining MY fun. shakes fist

Really enjoying Return to Monkey Island. Big nostalgia hit from returning to some of the original location and some great fresh puzzles. The humour is definitely still there and the way they have refreshed the interface is really great, works so well for a point-and-click game on a console.


Forgot about the splatfest. Probably won’t be able to contribute to team gear’s victory until tomorrow eve!

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Playing Machinarian is making keen to get on some more point and clicks.

Should finish the second half of Grim Fandango first given that I bought it about half a decade ago on Switch…

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If youre looking for a good multiplayer game… this is it

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What is it?

Reminds me of a more ninja version of Tanks, a great bonus multiplayer battle game that was on the Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D. I remember getting a Saturn joypad adaptor and having about 8 people all battle together in the one room. Was great fun.

Spiderheck. Have had a quick go, think it’ll be very fun once I’ve worked out how to fling my spider around a bit better!



Thimbleweed Park is excellent. I think Sam and Max got a good reboot too. Lair of the Clockwork God is also a great game. Bulbboy is worth a spin too.

I personally DESPISED Grim Fandango though.

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Will check them out - ta.


Yeah I’ve bounced off Grim Fandango twice in my life now, just want to get it finished to cross it off the list!

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Yeah I like the humour and art style but just find I get stuck constantly and am basically trying every obscure combination of things until I stumble on the solution to progress, rather than genuinely figuring it out logically. Probably more a reflection on me than the game though.


I ended up just watching a YouTube video of it

Could be the way forward!

100% worth sticking with
Some duels are so fun and get silly intense

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I think it might be the game. Brilliant art style and voice acting but not the best example for the genre - possibly why it all went to bust soon after for point and clicks.

Glad I only paid a quid or two for it (as I did on PC about 15 years ago too!)