Nintendo Switch Thread 2023 - Nintendo Direct, 14th Sept 3pm (UK)

About to have my first f-zero 99 go now. Looking forward to it!

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Wife bought my birthday Switch last night, now I have to wait a month to open it :expressionless: the last console I had was a 360 so a lot to catch up on. Are there achievements? Kind of hope not as I always got caught up in trying to 1000 a game


excited for the new peach game but wish they would make another wario one


No cheeevos

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With all these remakes/remasters an update of Wario World from GC would be very welcome.

Wario piledriving dinosaurs on Level 1! You’ll not see Mario doing that!

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Yep, I take back my earlier comment that I’ll only play it twenty times of so.

It’s much more layered than I’d realised.

Amazing that Nintendo just create something bespoke and beautiful like this.


Also enjoying my f zero races I’ve done today. Think I’ve only had one top ten finish, but was pretty chuffed when I managed to complete the five track grand Prix, even if I was only position 16 out of 17 people who finished the race.


Never much of fzero on SNES fan but yeah fzero99 is pretty great.

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Haha i spent about an hour yesterday playing some shit free to play fire emblem game to get enough points for this. My other half loves Pikmin. Cooking less so.


Have got one of these on its way to me. Think it’s the first time I’ve ever used the platinum points for something.

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Get super mario run. Get loads of points for linking it to ur Nintendo account and more every time you do challenges iirc

After getting Switch Online I tried both SNES and N64 F-Zeros, and quickly decided that I couldn’t be doing with the SNES version and would stick to X. And now here we are.

Maybe I should play through the SNES one now to try and get good with 99. So far I keep getting caught out by the energy / healing / boost ratios being so different to X, and exploding before the end of the race.

Pikmin 4 is running out of steam for me, going to try rush through to complete it tonight. Feel like the post-game has really highlighted certain frustrations - mainly constantly having to go back to base camp and not just going to the next day if I want to.

Think I maybe enjoy the chill collectathon above the Dandori strategy being called for towards the end.

Ah, I was the opposite. I loved the post game bit and enjoyed the extra bits and challenges. Some of the Dandori ones were a bit tough to begin with, but I liked the challenge of going back to platinum them afterwards. But at least they’re not mandatory, other than getting a bronze/basic kind of pass when you first find them.

I can totally see that being appealing, I think the Dandori stuff is well designed and I have enjoyed some of the mental challenge of trying to optimise the collecting.

Think it’s more a me thing, just wanted a chill night time wind down, and suddenly it’s got a bit more stressful :sweat_smile:

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I’ve hit a wall too. Hit credits and am about 4 hrs into the post game stuff but I just feel done. Finding every last morsel in Pikmin 3 compelled me but here’s there’s just too many stressful night missions or repetitive Dandori.

Dandori are great from time to time, but I seem to have done all the nice outdoors stuff now and just have a plethora of those missions left.

Such mixed feelings on this game. Adore parts of it but also don’t think it’ll stay in my affection like 3 did.

It feels like I’ve played it for 40 hours but my clock says it’s only 20??!

I’ve sacked off night missions for the last remaining survivors, just don’t find that mode enjoyable at all.

I really enjoy the Dandori item missions, that makes my brain tingle nicely. It’s the battle ones that do nothing for me, the bot match feel is just not for me.

Similar to you, quite mixed on the game as a whole.

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