Nintendo Switch Thread 2023 - Nintendo Direct, 14th Sept 3pm (UK)

Any reason to avoid or take advantage of the sometimes slightly cheaper Samsung branded 512s knocking about (as long as it’s equal or better spec than the cute benchmark)? Or best to just stick with trusty ol’ SanDisk?

Samsung cards are fine. You want the UHS-I mark on it and 100Mb/second read speed - the Switch won’t go faster than that.

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Anyone else just play about 15 minutes of Wonder at a time then set it aside? I struggle to have an actual session on it.

Yeah, maybe not as short as that but certainly don’t get that “one more go” feel from it

Initially yes, but I got stuck in fully around the 4th world and did longer sessions.

Still think it is a great game, but have cooled on it a bit after the initial excitement.

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eShop sale is looking dangerous. Witcher 3 is £20. Portal collection for less than a fiver is an absolute bargain. Disco Elysium is £10.79. New Mario + Rabbids for £15.

The GTA Trilogy is down to £22 and I am very tempted. Has anyone played it on Switch? Did they fix it… and even then is it any good?


There are some great things in the sale that are about a fiver or so:

A fiver! Crazy.


Hnnnnnngggghhhh really kind of want this but don’t want to enable Rockstars lazy port shit

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Honestly, if you’re desperate to play them it scratches the itch sort of. At the same time it’s hard to not feel massively disappointed. The switch should have been able to easily deal with a simple port of the originals but it struggles with the new ones even while the graphics are pretty drab. Lots of stutter and pop in. Plus a noticable lack of foliage etc in the rural areas of San Andreas


Thanks for talking me out of it. I’m not desperate but more of a nice to have… could pick about four other games I’ve been after for the same price, so I’ll do that.

Tempted by all of these

28.50 for the lot.

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What is Disco Elysium Switch performance like?

Only played a couple of hours but seemed playable enough from what I saw.

A Short Hike is a lovely couple of hours, definitely worth the time.


Apparently not great on release, had hideous loading times. But has been patched up and improved a lot. Talk about it here

I played it on Xbox earlier this year and it’s incredible. Bought a Switch copy for a second playthrough at some point.

Neon White is a cracker. One of the most underrated games on Switch.


Wolfenstein 2 looks pretty staggering on Switch. Couldn’t believe it was capable on that tech.

Combat sucks, so knock the difficulty down.

But the story, characters, setting and ideas in it so are absolutely batshit and unique, it’s well worth a play. Nothing else like it.

Wolfenstien is a game to be played on easy - mondlessly mowing down nazis with dual shotguns is where its at

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As an aside, don’t know where you’re buying from, but careful with getting SanDisk from Amazon. The marketplace is awful and might as well be Alibaba these days. Even if you appear to be buying an official one, you’re more than likely to get a fake (tbh the case with any easily bootlegged product on Amazon. It is dogshit)

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The whole sequence of Mario Wonder from the start of the Bowser level through to the end of the credits is an utter joy. Might be the first time I’ve actively wanted to go back to the credits of a game again.