Nintendo Switch Thread 2023 - Nintendo Direct, Weds 8th Feb 10pm (UK)

I really enjoyed that game, it had a great - almost Bloodborne feel to it with the gothic horror elements and really rewards you for exploring all the various routes around the map.

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Yeah playing at the moment although I’m very bad at it

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A couple of completed games - Power Wash Simulator - a lovely calming game I spent 50 hours completing - I still have the bonus missions and then the Tomb Raider and FFVII Midgar DLC to crack into… lovely!

I also 100% Metroid Prime (spoiler blur for the Philomena Cunk face reveal.)

Just remembered I have Metroid Prime trilogy downloaded on Wii U, so I’ll attempt Metroid 2 soon, I’ve never played it before! The Wii controls are pretty good, I played a lot of, but didn’t complete, Prime 1 back in 2017.

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I love Prime 2, I think it takes a bit longer to get going and it’s almost oppressively dark and gloomy but I really loved it for that. Fantastic atmosphere imo. Got two of my favourite areas in the series (Sanctuary and Torvus Bog) and some of my favourite music too.

It’s noticeably more difficult than 1 though

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Me again

Just thinking about how in Prime you’ve got this wonderfully immersive adventure, and you just level up so naturally getting more HP, missiles and increasingly powerful beams.

The RPG bloat of modern adventure games, being in menus for ages sifting through gear for marginal gains. What a colossal waste of fucking time.

Yes I am still complaining about Ragnarok.


I can’t wait to get stuck in! “Oppresively dark and gloomy” sounds great - big fan of Majora for that reason.

Since falling in love with Prime, I’ve been watching loads of reviews / thinkpieces on YouTube and keep hearing that Prime 2 is the best in the trilogy, I always assumed popular opinion was the first one.

Ah I’m surprised by that, I think consensus is that 1 is the best. And I thought more people would put 3 ahead of 2.

I think 1 is greater than the sum of its parts in a way that the others aren’t, don’t know if it’s just because it was the first one I played but it has a magic to it that I don’t think the others quite achieved. I think 2 is stronger mechanically personally, and it’s very cohesive in its vision and themes, but it’s got a little less spark.

3 I played the least, it was still really great but it made less of an impression on me than the others. Also think the story and other characters made it feel like less of a Metroid game and more like your typical space/action/Halo-esque game. (Elysia was a great area though)

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Finished Minnish Cap for the first time today.

What a fantastic game.

Although that last dungeon and multiple end bosses was so hard. Scum saved my way through - can’t imagine I would have got through it back in the day.

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it’s gonna take me forever to finish Bioshock cos I can only play it when I’m high. too scary otherwise

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Had a fun time with Minish Cap, there’s something warm about playing through a 2D Zelda and I enjoyed the couple of game mechanics that were new to me.

Little short but the touch stones added quite a bit of exploration.

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Oh wow the bit once you get to the impact crater in metroid prime is a total mood killer isn’t it? Had been having lots of fun up to that point but the worst part of the game is fighting metroids so having a bit where you fight tonnes of them whilst trying to climb small platforms is a real turn off.


is that the bit that’s in darkness? probably the worst part for me

I got really good at running past everything and jumping up those platforms. Think a well placed power bomb halfway up the climb gets you through mostly unscathed

I actually really like the thermal visor Makes me feel like predator. You can take out the primes with a single super missile, I think. But they are annoying.

I had also totally forgotten about the wavebreaker. It rinses missiles though so not sure if I’ll be using it.

Also, I forgot to save right before Thardos after that whole section in the dark, so that was a squeaky bum time. Thankfully I made it through

Quite a few JRPGs on sale at the mo…what’s good? Tempted by Chrono Cross, but kind of want to get on with with some more FFs (VII was the last one I did).