Nintendo Switch Thread 2024

Have realised quite happily that any initial desire to get a ps5 has dissipated, and feeling more than happy enough with the Switch.

I suspect I’ll end up changing my mind once the successor to Skyrim hits, but until that life-destroying day i’ll stay 'tendo.

Anyway, just been doing a replay of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and genuinely think it might be one of the most fun games ever made.


Otherwise, I’m

  • finally bored of Cuphead after replaying it to death.

  • considering sending threats to have Silksong released

  • really hoping they somehow add DS Castlevanias to the system and

  • getting hyped about Advance Wars returning

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Luigi’s Mansion is way good, man

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madly so. bothering to do all the boos this time also, and not in the slightest bit bored.


  • Mansion 3
  • Odyssey

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Had a notification from eBay earlier offering me an OLED model for cheap so… guess that’s me now. Day 1 old boy’s looking a bit worn so that’s fine, right??

Thinking about giving New Super Duper Mario Bros Wii U But On Switch Deluxe Bonus Edition a go.

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have been eyeing this since payday. But i don’t have basic 2D land one yet…

Bought Pokémon and have buyers remorse before it’s even arrived.

How are people finding it?

Arceus definitely something i’m unsure about. Loving Diamond rn, and had such a good time with shield… but yeah. @escutcheon can give an opinion on thisn


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honestly one of my favourite games of all time. the idea of being able to play that against DiSers is mind shattering

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bought a switch OLED instead of a next gen console, don’t regret it at all. Feel like I’m almost completely out of modern AAA games now, they just depress me and make me feel old

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fully know what you mean. huge same.

Gone back to try and finish Dead Cells. Can’t remember how far I got before, Conjunctivitis perhaps, although I think another time I went a different route and got further. Anyone got any tips?

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Switch library has so many highlights:

Breath of The Wild
Mario Kart
Bowser’s Fury
best way to play all of the old Final Fantasy games
tonnes of great indies, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Slay The Spire, Stardew Valley etc etc

Something about the zero fuss minimal UI and being able to pick up and play any game within seconds is way more enticing to me than high framerates these days, I rarely play my PC anymore.

Really hope Nintendo don’t get bought by Microsoft or something


pick one colour and stick with it until it really feels like you need a health boost imo. I always tend to go red which is higher DPS attack weapons I think.

Also save up for the extra health potions first as that’s more important than unlocking any weapon

Last run I did I just went red and battered the concierge easily, but then opened a cursed treasure and walked straight into a bunch of menaces. Will stick with that approach though, cheers.

On the case with the potions

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yeah I pretty much never take the cursed chests, great way to ruin a good run imo.

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waiting for cuphead DLC, silksong, new zelda, new mario. got nowt to play right now.

:clock1: :eyes:


i would just take one fucking level at this point



  • worth it
  • already got arms m9

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