Nintendo Switch Thread 3 - Nintendo Direct Inside (No Jokes)

Animal Crossing for £32 f anyone’s i

I know I’m going to be tempted to get Bioshock again and maybe to try my first Xenoblade game.

Is it right though that both of those, XCOM 2 and Borderlands all come out on May 29th?

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Seems so!

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The voice acting in the Xenoblade ad sounded like an advert for Supersoakers or something

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Like with XC2 they’ll hopefully have the option for Japanese voice acting.

One of my favourite things about the same. Strong Welsh accents and weird Yorkshire drawls.

Did another couple. Bit better each time. Not much idea of what I’m doing, always upgrade attack stuff which is what I assume a naive fool would do. How do you get more energy?

really like civ, never played it before. only thing is i can’t seem to keep rivals happy, they always snap and declare war on me no matter how nice i am. and also if i win a war against them and take their cities, i then get blamed for being a warmonger even tho i didn’t start it!

i am always the romans, the legion unit is boss.

Got the first two for £2 or something on Steam ages ago. Couldn’t get on with them.

Not sure if it applies in Civ 6, but often in previous versions they’d declare war because two nations had agreed to it in a trade deal… Could be that?


yes! goddamn australians, always cutting deals with alexander the great.

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I am by no means an expert but some things that took me a while to realise…

Always get rid of your Strikes (less so Defends) whenever possible (shop, random event). They clog up your deck and are generally rubbish. Most other attacks do the same damage but with additional perks.

Try not to pick up every card going. I guess in the beginning while you’re getting to grips with what they do and how they work with other cards it’s fine. Generally you want a deck of about 20 cards (imo anyway).

Relics are generally the best way to get more energy - so hit those elites. Usually after the act 1 boss you’re offered a relic that gives extra energy, but not always.


I haven’t defeated the act 1 boss yet…

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Poor @joke, I know he’s not in the Switch club anymore but that is no reason to totally exclude him.


I’ve updated it to allow one Joke.


I’m back into Slay the Spire in a big way with the watcher update. Very fun character. Beat the vanilla game with a nice divinity deck, and thought I had got the ‘you are nothing’ achievement finally but it doesn’t give you it if you beat a boss from act 1 using the act 3 event. Bullshit! I guess I will never get that achievement.


Other games I have played recently with some ratings:

Fire Emblem 3 Houses - 10/10, up there with Into the Breach and XCom 2 for the best turn based strategy game I’ve ever played. Some of the monastery stuff is a little irksome but I found it easy to avoid the stuff I wasn’t as into e.g. tea parties. Done the campaign with yellow and blue houses, it’s interesting how different they are. Yellow are the best house, no argument really.

Divinity 2 Original Sin - 7/10, I need to finish this off but I haven’t yet felt the urge to. Each new area is a massive difficulty spike and I couldn’t be arsed with the latest one. FE is so much more satisfying tactically and has cleaner systems. I feel like a lot of fights in D2 can only be won by cheesing it, not satisfying. Interesting story though which I would like to see the end of.

Pikuniku - 8/10, funny, charming, anti-capitalist message. Needs to be picked up by everyone while it’s less than a quid.

Current top 3 Switch games: 1) Hollow Knight, 2) Slay the Spire, 3) FE.


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Hollow Knight is so good. Can’t get the ‘good’ ending though, despite trying again and again and again and again…

You will, you will.
What’s everyones win/death ratio by the way? Apparently I have 15 victories/168 deaths. Not great.