Nintendo Switch Thread 3 - Nintendo Direct Inside (No Jokes)

I’ll be buying Borderlands even though I’ve played them all at least twice through already.

Probably Bioshock as have only played the last two.

Burnout if mates end up getting it

Probably x-com, though hadn’t really heard of it before. Have I been living under a rock? (I mostly stopped playing new video games in the late 00s and only started again seriously with the Switch a couple of years ago).

Actually don’t think I have ever played any Borderlands DLC so assume that will be bunged in as part of that collection.

Or is he…
Plot twist!

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The Bioshocks are meant to be classics yeah? Never played any. They’re FPS, right?

Is online play available in the Arms rental?
If so anyone fancy a Dis tourney while we all have it, haven’t played it and are all bad at it.


Yeah, with RPG elements.

Not sure, but would hope so, given its only available to play through the Online service.

And, if so, yup I’m game!

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Sure! I can’t seem to pm you, pm me?

I bought it in January and it’s now my second most played Switch game… think 100 hours now. It’s so good.


Just did my first run. Was alright.

You’ll make time…

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Animal Crossing for £32 f anyone’s i

I know I’m going to be tempted to get Bioshock again and maybe to try my first Xenoblade game.

Is it right though that both of those, XCOM 2 and Borderlands all come out on May 29th?

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Seems so!

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The voice acting in the Xenoblade ad sounded like an advert for Supersoakers or something

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Like with XC2 they’ll hopefully have the option for Japanese voice acting.

One of my favourite things about the same. Strong Welsh accents and weird Yorkshire drawls.

Did another couple. Bit better each time. Not much idea of what I’m doing, always upgrade attack stuff which is what I assume a naive fool would do. How do you get more energy?

really like civ, never played it before. only thing is i can’t seem to keep rivals happy, they always snap and declare war on me no matter how nice i am. and also if i win a war against them and take their cities, i then get blamed for being a warmonger even tho i didn’t start it!

i am always the romans, the legion unit is boss.