NME - a true decline


Literally making headlines out of links to Pitchfork’s sideline video stuff, wow


And yet there were actually a fair number of “The” bands in the late ’90s who looked great but the NME wouldn’t feature them at all because they’d be deemed too retro or something.


And the “garage rock revolution” was mostly bands who weren’t garage rock at all, just slightly more punky sounding indie.


The NME is the one thing where it is permissible to say ‘it was better in my day’


I actually went to what I think might have been the Libertines’ first ever gig, in 1999 at the Hope & Anchor. Obviously I wasn’t there to see them. No one was. They were first on and no one had heard of them. They had this 70-year-old on drums. And they were a lot more jangly, kind of Stone Roses with a bit of the Byrds, that kind of thing. Pete spoke to me at the bar between the bands and I told him I’d like them better if they were a bit more punky. What the fuck do I know?


From a writing standpoint, undoubtedly true. Thing is… “my era” was very much the Oasis era and yet I just want them to write about new music.


Honestly think 1999 was one of the best years for music. Just not for male guitar bands


Here’s today’s Noel opinion and OH SOD THIS FOREVER


I was saying that about Noel Gallagher in 1994 already. I was biased, though. Because I was pissed off at people asking me if I’d copied his hairstyle.



“But politicians? They’re fucking idiots. They’re economists—that’s all they are”





to be fair… he’s not wrong.


It’s probably as wrong as it’s possible to be


Eurgh. Just reinforces in my head the perception that he is now one of ‘them’. Surprised his name didn’t crop up in the Paradise Papers. Dick.


just to be clear, you think the beach boys aren’t overrated?


underrated if anything, they should be regarded as the Beatles are, songs like god only knows, good vibrations, until I die are about as good as songs can get, even their more simple earlier stuff is completely joyous


Fair enough. fwiw I’ve always disliked Noel, but I think this is the first time we’ve agreed on something.


imagine thinking Brian Wilson was overrated


you’re right, Mike Love was the true genius