NME - a true decline


I don’t need to


when i worked at wh smith as a kid (16 - 18), if somebody bought NME i’d always comment how shit it was, god i was a dick


Pet Sounds > Sgt Peppers. Every day of the week.

I’ve never been a regular NME reader, but the C86 tape is for me a milestone in alternative music. I’d have liked a 2016 equivalent, but from what I’ve seen on the website they just champion mainstream bollocks.

Noel Gallagher is a tosser. Even before he opens his mouth.


next week stephen fry reads the lyrics to up all night




I finally deleted the bookmark I had to the NME news page a few weeks ago, and I have to say I feel a lot better for it.


Bastion of journalism.




didn’t you post on the old forums? i think people hated the main site even from there


I did! Silver Jews thread veteran. :slight_smile:


Ahh, The Cardigans. GBOL.

Felt like it was a bit beyone at the time, would love that thread now.


I discovered so much new music and artists in that thread. It was amazing.


I always viewed the DiS forum as a great extension/replacement of the Silver Jews thread. And probably a lot less clique-y.


every page will be about the gallaghers


It was a very cliquey thread :slight_smile: The whole board was full of decent music chat, miles departed from the nonsense the magazine was promoting.

The trolls were intense though. Sometimes wonder where Montag ended up.


Christ. Montag. What a bellend.


imagine ol’ monty just walks round horsham town centre in a t-shirt with a massive :roll_eyes: on it telling people how bad their opinions are


For all I’ve contributed to this thread, I actually wish a current NME writer would come to this thread and give the case for the defense.


a very ‘odious’ character indeed.


I promise that I didn’t invent this one: