NME - a true decline




And Liam Gallagher is a Godlike Genius apparently.

Master Barrelscrapers at work.


Oh wow! Just imagine how much more culturally relevant Bowie and Jacko could have been if they’d been really committed to reinvention.

Like, instead of all those minor tweaks like ziggy stardust, thin white duke and becoming werewolves, imagine if they went ‘full chameleon’…and y’know, getting a sensible ‘first proper job after graduation’ haircut and removing their hats…


Oh, just noticed the “what the hell is going on” subline too (seemingly no question mark needed).

…a brand new track and a haircut you say??? You’ve gone too far this time Bay!!!


Don’t think his fans will like that!


There is only so much they can be reasonably be expected to take!


The decline has been stopped http://www.nme.com/news/music/richard-madeley-thinks-liam-and-noel-gallagher-robbed-his-house-2242900



I still enjoy following their Facebook posts, but whenever they post about Gallaghers, it’s like they actually want to go bust.


His marketing team told him to cut his hair, lose the hat and name-drop Drake, and he listened!


Is it just me, or does anyone else think this post is in poor taste?


in what way is it going to be biblical? does he plan on flooding the place beforehand?


Murder his brother?


(Obviously this is actually reverse Alan because in his version he’d have told the already popular Libertines to try sounding like a proper band like The Byrds.)


I have no idea what you mean by that.




But does the building still have a fully functioning roof on it?


So damn easy to cave in.
Lads bant everything.


Some news about “proper” music today (& a beard):