NME - a true decline


he looks like Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond


I thought The Master from Doctor Who but, now you have said that.


“as the world awaits news of the band’s sixth album”

I’m not sure how accurate that is. I still haven’t listened 4 of the others.


He’s certainly got to the heart of Bowie’s many creative reinventions -basically just wearing or not wearing a hat.


And they’re done!


Who’s going to be on the final cover?



Godspeed You Black Emperor




Barry Hogan DJ Set


Well all the old farts crowing that it was ‘circling the drain’ as far back as 2001 can finally get their chance to say ‘Told you so’. I can still remember when it was a lifeline. RIP NME!




trying to move with the times turned out to be its downfall, who’d thunk it


totally challenging our preconceptions w/r/t what is and is not proper


So all their ridiculous bragging about how successful the move to go free was turns out to be bullshit.

Expanding into digital, about 20yrs after they should of done.


The problem is the website is even more of a horrendous shit-show than the print version.


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones



Maybe they’ll bring the forums back? The return of Montag!


And the chat room! Lost a good chunk of my summer 2000 to that place.