NME - a true decline


Accidental Partridge


Really want to know what he was being sued for though now.


being a civil rights leader, apparently


They’ve at least had Stormzy on, a couple months ago. Odd.


Yes, but they called him Romelu Lukaku


Dizzee on NME cover: 2009
Jon McClure last interviewed by NME: June 2017


I can’t deny I’m a bit sad about today’s news, even though by the time I started buying NME every week in 2001 there were already worrying signs a national institution was on the way to the silly, “Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong - the band who will change your life” Nathan Barley “journalism” that blighted the mid/late 2000s. I suppose they tried hard to be a poptimist magazine when they went free and be all things to all millennials but the world has moved on and it just was not to be in the end.


insert nostalgia here


Not sad. Glad less paper is wasted on that shit rag. Didn’t mind it before it went free. It had it’s purpose. When it became an ad rag it was a proper shitter


Really bringing out the arseholes on twitter.


Haha. He’s pinned that tweet too, what a clot.


Prolonged death, but still a shame. Changed my life when first started to read it in 1994 - recall reading a PJ Harvey interview and Down By The Water was on a cover cassette. Was an addict until about 10 years ago.


It’ll be back


In pog form?




my mates band rehearses in the same building as them. when they were moving in the rev came to say hello and introduce himself and that. my mate told me he seemed very nice but he had to google him when he got home coz none of them could remember reverend and the makers


My dad gave away my 90 to 93 collection so I can’t go back and do a comparison between the Sunday supplement lifestyle leaflet it became and my introduction. But it would be pretty depressing.



It was a shit rag my entire life. RIP


Very easy to detest, but helped me discover my favourite band of the last 14 years - so I’m glad they still existed in 2005. Last issue I bought was Bowie on the cover in 2013 and it was ok