NME - a true decline


just got a flood of nostalgia looking at that website


We gave them a lot of stick in this thread for getting into bed with every company in the world, but this is a bit more like it:


Unfortunately, they’ll probably back an emerging band called Terris.


I can only say that PledgeMusic have been really good to a number of friends of mine that have put their albums out through the service!


PledgeMusic is just a pre-order site pretending to be Kickstarter, though, isn’t it?


Yes. And undoubtedly they are a business first and foremost. But they are extremely hands on and helpful with every artist, and I know a few acts whose career has been saved/made possible by them. Funnily enough, the bands who cock it up tend to be bigger acts who were used to having everything done for them…


Over-exposed flavour of the month’s debut album artwork already considered “iconic”


Cardi B is the fucking bollocks tbf


There’s a certain irony in the choice of replacement for the NME on the free crap stack of my local Tesco car park:


The biggest discrepancy between quality of author name and quality of article, ever.


How would one go about launching a good weekly magazine to succeed NME when it was half-decent? Or is this impossible in 2018? Would particularly like to hear from people who work/worked in the music press, maybe even the NME itself.