NME - a true decline


just got a flood of nostalgia looking at that website


We gave them a lot of stick in this thread for getting into bed with every company in the world, but this is a bit more like it:


Unfortunately, they’ll probably back an emerging band called Terris.


I can only say that PledgeMusic have been really good to a number of friends of mine that have put their albums out through the service!


PledgeMusic is just a pre-order site pretending to be Kickstarter, though, isn’t it?


Yes. And undoubtedly they are a business first and foremost. But they are extremely hands on and helpful with every artist, and I know a few acts whose career has been saved/made possible by them. Funnily enough, the bands who cock it up tend to be bigger acts who were used to having everything done for them…


Over-exposed flavour of the month’s debut album artwork already considered “iconic”


Cardi B is the fucking bollocks tbf


There’s a certain irony in the choice of replacement for the NME on the free crap stack of my local Tesco car park:


The biggest discrepancy between quality of author name and quality of article, ever.


How would one go about launching a good weekly magazine to succeed NME when it was half-decent? Or is this impossible in 2018? Would particularly like to hear from people who work/worked in the music press, maybe even the NME itself.


To balance things up, here’s the NME being bang on about something. I’m 45 and went to the 2002 event (and had a great time) but agree with every word of this:


Is Download the most attended festival in the UK? They only have the same 7 bands from the 80s headlining. Obviously some festivals are for the lumbering oldies


Download’s about a quarter of the size of Glastonbury.


I was wrong, but it’s not a quarter of the size. 120,000 compared to 175,000.


Wow, grown a lot since I went. Used to be about 60,000.


the thing about R+L isnt that its reflecting the music of our time, its that its completely changed the type of festival it used to be to try and get more mainstream appeal


A nice antidote to all the hoo-ha about the Reading and Leeds line up last night on the BBC; an hour of Wolf Alice headlining the Radio 1 stage. Storming gig, band on fire, all the hits, fancy lights, disco balls, glitter, the whole bit. At one point they got 2 girls up and one proposed to the other to raucous cheers and applause, then they went into Don’t Delete The Kisses. If i was 18 watching that i’m sure i’d have fuckin loved it.


I’ve just read that it has sold out again this year, so that suggests to me that they’ve still got their finger on the yoof pulse…


My old friend Pat Long died on Saturday. He used to write for the NME and he wrote the book The History of the NME. There’s still no mention of him, no obituary, on nme.com although they did manage an obituary on Lindsey Kemp who died the same day.