NME - a true decline


I really liked his quiff and rockabilly style for what it’s worth. Beard makes him look like a right bin tho.


I thought he was straight.


He looks like the master from Doctor Who.


I picked up a copy on the way to work today, wanted to see what score they’d give the Grizzly Bear album. There was 1 album review in the entire magazine. One!


Was there? Picked one up for something to read on the bus and saw none. Checking now.


Ahhh, there it is.


so the two most recent things i’ve heard about NME are that they gave Everything Now 10/10 and that the most recent issue had 1 (one) review in

i mean, fucking hell


You can hear the desperation in this article for a new Arctic Monkeys record.


I joke a lot about the decline of the NME, but really it is very sad to see something I used to love brought so low. Become so rampantly superficial.

I wish they would just put it out if its misery.


I picked one up today. Following on from the Alex Turner beard story, this issue had an article in which Liam Gallagher reviews his own past haircuts. And in an article about The War on Drugs it said they’d exhanged diss tracks with “someone called Mark Kozelek”



I think the best thing is just to pass by quickly without looking, as you should with car crash.

As I’ve said before, it’s hard for younger people to understand how important and (largely) brilliant the NME used to be. It was never perfect but it meant so much to me when I was getting into music. If only someone could stop them using the same name for the current pathetic joke.


Picked up today’s this morning and it made my teeth itch it was so bad, about the quality and insight of a fucking school paper.


name’s all they’ve got though isn’t it? without it they’re just another substandard gossip rag.

it must be difficult to just shut up shop but it looks like they’re trying to squeeze last penny out of their name now.

features section?


If it’s still going this time next year I’ll eat my nutsack.


That would probably be more enjoyable than reading it


Came in this thread to post about this article. Liam’s fucking annihilated the Great-Bunch-of-Lad-Top-Haircut-Proper-Gear-Ometer here with ‘Maine Road’ & ‘In The Street’


Fucking hell, full parody mode unlocked.


Not as good as Shortlist.

2 / 10


It’s an ad-rag and that’s all these days - which is just actually terribly sad. Everything it once stood against.

New. Musical. Express. It’s none of those.