NME - a true decline


I wonder what Noel and Liam think about Black Friday.

I realised I only said this a day or so ago, but then that’s what NME do so…


Could they combine their twin obsessions in one news article? But of course.


Incidentally, I take no pleasure from making these posts. A trip to the newsagent to buy NME and Melody Maker used to be a Wednesday highlight…


John Earls (of Planet Sound fame) once awarded my band Demo of the Week. That was a good day.


John Earls is great. Turns up on here occasionally.



Still pisses all over Artrocker though.


Noel & Liam Uncharacteristically Agree On Full-Scale Privatisation Of All Public Services

“Like, them ambulances yer know, I’m fookin’ mad fer it. But I reckon wiv hundred percent corporate funding I could go down ‘ospital in some fookin’ crackers big monster truck if I get me ribs all knackered up in the name o’ rock an’ roll an’ all that public money can be spent on proper security wiv all fookin’ AKs an’ that. Mek the UK proper ‘ard so ISIS, yer know, can fookin’ go back to playin’ wiv their 'Ornbies like. Mad fer it.”

Bleeding Edge Genre of the Month

",Donnie Swords of My Opposite Gendered Valentine has been reluctant to talk to the music press ever since he took great offence at a reviewer describing his live guitar technique as “gripping the tremolo bar and yanking it up and down to get his distinctively bent notes”, but - before his sabbatical - had promised an eagerly awaited new album in the early months of 2018. It remains to be seen whether this album, like their other work, will take the emerging genre of “oppressgaze” to exciting new places.


So i’m assuming Morrisseys next mega-racist reactionary right wing statement will be getting the backing of the NME?




From Conor himself on the 02-05 period.


That’s what it felt like tbf. I remember first picking it up in 01 (!) and it being all over the place but developing an identity around 02 and kick starting a lot of bands and the overall scene


Reads like people loving the smell of their own farts.


15 years on and McNicholas’ NME still has nothing of any value to say.


I haven’t read the piece yet but i think he’s clearly correct that he-and-they helped re-create interest in the indie scene at a time when nobody gave a toss. Also the sheer number of times NME comes up in the Lizzy Goodman book, tells me it isn’t just him that thinks so.


I loved it in the late 90s/early 2000s

Didn’t give a shit about the quality of the writing, and I imagine most in-betweener type 16 year olds living in the suburbs who read it couldn’t tell you which writer or editor they preferred?

Dunno, maybe I was just a moron.


The Strokes/White Stripes felt like a very different thing from the shite they promoted from 2003 onward.


this absolutely did me


It felt this way at the time. NME died when that scene collapsed. They just started calling any band the next big thing. I remember them trying to start a new rave thing Haiduken and Delphic. Just pure desperation


I remember going for a drink with James Endeacott on the last day of work before Christmas 2002, and Pete Doherty and Carl Barat from The Libertines turned up having signed to Rough Trade that day

that was 2001 cos by xmas 2002 they’d released their first album

also it says they signed on 21st Dec 2001 on their wiki page

how the fuck did that not get checked?

ho hum