NME's best albums of the Decade

Yeezus is not better than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

AM isn’t the best album of the decade. It’s the NME. I wouldn’t take too much notice.

AM isn’t even the best arctic monkeys album this decade tbf

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Anyone else remember when they put These New Puritans at number 1 in an end of year?

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" Goosebump moment: ‘Blood On The Leaves’, for the sensitive sampling of the harrowing ‘Strange Fruit’."

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that’s certainly a list of 100 albums that were released in the last 10 years


I know you shouldn’t get angry at lists but seriously there is a bad kasabian album in this and no Nick Cave out of 3 they could have chosen. No Run the Jewels but the worst Strokes album. Very poor.

It’s the NME, literally nobody cares what they think, the free magazine that Wetherspoons leave on their tables carries more critical weight these days.


It’s not the worst of these lists you will see, but the top 3 is laughable.

Yes it is

It’s pretty amazing that they have Channel Orange at 7 and Blonde not even in the top 100. You have to wonder what sort of critical process leads to that conclusion.

A lot of very good albums in that list, in a very non-definitive order.

But are Iggy Pop albums in the 2010s really worth bothering with?

Literally made it to Number 99 before ‘ballsy’ was used an adjective

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arctic monkeys are very good but the idea that AM is the best album of the decade is insultingly stupid

There’s a couple of really stupid ones in there, but for a list aimed at NME-readers I think it’s pretty solid. And a bit more diverse than I was expecting.

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You could make a moderately sensible list out of it if you could put it in almost any other order but the one they chose.

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